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The Throne... Roleplay Thread


“Mine… it’s my clock falone I’m the one making g it tick and tock!” She laughs and kicks him in the nether regions


only Serena knows as she has had a run in with them.
Nycolas has no clue what she was talking about when talking about the Unseen.


He staggers away, both hands covering the injured part.
“You scum… Underhanded measures…”


she grabs her scythe and swings wildly towards his stomach…looking to finish the fight


(It doesn’t finish.)


( @Shurian)


(Back to Xed for now I guess.) Xerial was inside his cabin lying down on his bed deep in thinking about andrews words… “Should I really trust him and risk my life to destroy the people who destroyed my kingdom?” Xerial shook his head “No I shouldn’t why should I go with them and try to destroy them I have no chance against them…” Slake was hanging from his usual place and was a bit close to Xerial. Xerial smiled back at slake and tickled him


Brakruen heads out into town


( @Shurian REEEEE)


Nobody expects Noz changing their PFP!


He ducks, but not fast enough, another gash on his chest.


“Falone…you could have made this easy…” she tries to finish by aiming for the heart with her scythe


“I cannot die here, not now.”
He moves foward instead, jumping up. He grabs onto the scythe again, pushing it down. His free hand goes for the face.


she ducks and wildly swings for his back recklessly


Falone is still holding onto the scythe, steadfast, fueled by the pain in his groin.
“Eat this!” He lands a punch, crackling onto Kathrine’s nose.


“Falone I gave you a choice…” she wrests the scythe away from him


Falone holds onto the scythe, still fueled by the pain in his groin.
“And I, mine too.”
He lands a kick onto her gut, and his free hand’s elbow aims for a shot to the head.


She takes the hit and falls down…unmoving…


Falone immediately stomps onto the reaper’s hand, forcing the scythe out of her grip.
He proceeds to run towards the bed.


She slowly gets up with the scythe…trying to remain as silent as possible