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The Throne... Roleplay Thread




E: Well , Brakuren , I hope you take this moment and reconsider what you could’ve done better.
Ezura disappears in a beam of light.


“The clock of Doom… A familiar sound.”
He walks towards the bed, an intent behind his actions.


“It ticks and ticks until our time is up…” she launches self at falone try to tackle him


“My father believed in the gods, but not I. Listen closely, whose clock do you think that is?”
He grabs Kathrine by the face as she tries to tackle him.
“I’ll make my clock tick.”
He smashes her face down onto the ground.

He proceeds again towards the bed. However, he seems open from the back. A hilt can be seen lying on the bed.


N: “Huh, you know… Maybe I could go to the tavern. I might find someone there…”


“ahhh, shit… tavern was destroyed”

notices a mob ready to attack.

“We ARE doing this.”


(What’s the mob supporting?)






(actually idk. is this too out of place in the story)


(Depends how big the mob is.)


(The Unseen technically wouldn’t be so active. Not yet. How big is da mobby?)


(They’re not the Unseen. They are sympathizers who listened to Lucy’s speech in the town, I think. Right Poggo?)


(I missed something I think)


(Is it transition time???)


(wait who supports the unseen?)


(None of the characters currently in the rp besides Strangle and me. No the Prince doesn’t know of the Unseen yet.)




(We havent completed that scene have we, I cannot move the night on with that scene still ongoing.)