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The Throne... Roleplay Thread


S: “You ever noticed how the guards would just stand and stare into nothingness without doing anything?”

N: “Ah yeah, that’s how Katherine kills people., it’s common knowledge that she’s a Reaper at this point.”
S: “Huh? There was nothing I could really do to heal them from this. I’ve never seen this type of death before.”

S: “Also you might want this.”
injects needle into Nycolas’ arm


S: “No stupid, it’s to make you immune to poisons and bleeding. You’ll learn why exactly I did this sooner or later.” snickers


S: “You know. It would be a very sad existance just standing there staring forever. Unable to move in the slightest or talk… It’s like, human taxidermy.”

N: “Apparently, I read in books that Reapers have the ability to collect and consume souls…”

S: “Well what person would want to eat those. Wouldn’t it just be like eating air?”

N: “I really don’t know what it would taste like, anyway. let’s find the Paladins”


Ezura suddenly loses her slight smile.
E: How. DARE. You.


I may act like a lost child, but at least I don’t react like a child


E: Do you know who I am?


Image result for do you know who i am


Does it matter? Everything is only perception


Ezura seems slightly ticked off , but regains her composure.
E: Typical attitude of a foreigner. Members of our kingdom know how to treat their higher-ups with respect
She slams down her staff.
E: Ezura Nemenaya , High Priestess of Adiart, and the only chance I’m giving you…


Priest? HA


E: I would show you what I am capable of , but that would make me no better than you. You have horrible manners , I hope you know that.


Look who you say have horrible manners, you were the one who started name calling before I even had your name


E: Apparently noting someone as “lost” classifies as name calling. But clearly I have even more reason to call you so. You can’t justify it , young man , as you clearly know I’m right. I was here to give you guidance , but in your immaturity , acted brashly , did not even gauge your opponent , ridiculed me and yourself.
E: Stay lost if you do not wish to accept help.


I guess I can trust you after all


E: Given the situation , it was in your best interest to. Now , what was the location you sought for?


The new sheriff’s quarters


She snickers.

E: Lost child.

She slams her staff into the ground , enveloping the area with light. You cannot see anything for a while. When you can , you are in the Sheirff’s quarters.


Brakuren begins to read a book about the history of the castle


E: I will return to my own activities. Don’t believe I caught your name , young man.


You don’t need it seeing as though you like another


E: I don’t follow.