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The Throne... Roleplay Thread


the game over music from paper Mario: ttyd starts playing, but then stops


freezing on one note, seeming to be glitches


Nycolas: “I guess I should be going back to investigate the escaped prisoners.”

he attempts to leave the room.


Kathrine…remains unmoving


normal title screen music resumes


closes door and leaves


She slowly gets up…“Falone…Falone…your brother is a silly man…always make sure they are dead…heahehaehaheha!” She moves the table in front of the door


mtf silently walks up and turns off a gramophone nobody saw





sees dead guard bodies around the castle

“ahhhh, shit…”


btw he was actually listening right beside the door


“Katherine really is weirder than I thought…”

“One moment, I killed her… The next moment, she’s fine like nothing wrong happened…”


idea pops in head

runs down to get Serena


(Looks like Nick really depends on Serena alot I guess.)


(please say this in OCC so we know in the future)


(alright then.)


N: “Hey Serena. I’ll need you to push open a door for me.”

S: “Huh?”

N: “You know, like you did with the guards? Right?”

S: "Well, funny you say that because I actually sort of do have magical properties, unfortunately. It requires a 24 hour sleep in order to do it.
Sooooo, I can’t do it…

N: “Gahh, shit. Patrick’s going to be dead any minute now from that Psychopathic Woman. There is no way that she’s getting the throne, despite me not wanting the throne. She is just going to turn the Kingdom of Adiart into another Demwir…”

N: “I feel like… An assassination of a mythical being is needing to be in play…”

S: “Huh, did you just say… Assassinate?”
S: “Assassins were a term for people of a secret group named the Unseen who go out and kill and poison people who defy their logic… My father told me to stay away from them, my sister got executed after the court found out that she was part of the Unseen… She would always call herself a Aristocrat for some weird reason…”


N: “what?”

N: “There has been lots of weird shit going on lately but secret political groups planning on taking the kingdom for themselves?”


N: "Well, anyway. Since you can’t help. I’m going to get the Paladins of the village, come with me… The castle isn’t safe right now.

S: “Okay…”


Serena has joined your party

Nycolas and Serena walk off to the village to seek out for Paladins to fight off a reaper


TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK…Falone hears a clock @Shurian