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The Throne... Roleplay Thread


“Your father’s time was then…Falone I take no pleasure in doing this but orders are orders” she swings for his skull quickly and with much vigor


He dodges by squatting down, narrowly missing the scythe’s edge. He extends his leg outwards, attempting a sweep.
“Orders are orders… Your god can come take me by the head only when he comes by me. Or are you lying about your god?”

A serious look comes into his eyes.
“Are you?”


She dodges “Why would I lie? Why would I?” She chuckles “you know too much for your own good Falone” she swings for his heart the blade seeming to glow with energy


The scythe digs apart the skin, a vertical cut at his chest. A shallow one it seems.
“So… it is…” The cut starts bleeding, a sign of his life not fading.

“For my father.”

He leaps into the air, aiming a kick at the reaper’s guts.

The room is typical. There are broken shards of a vase behind Falone. His sword lies somewhere. There are chairs behind Kathrine. There is a ceramic table between the two. The bed lies far behind Kathrine. Falone is unarmed.

(Let Falone be armed and you lose.)


(Marl probably shattered this one too.)


nycolas wakes up from his sleep.
N: “I swear I heard some rumbling from upstairs…”

Serena looks at him.
S: “Well, here we go again. Great, just fucking great.”

nycolas grabs his royal spear and runs upstairs
(btw nycolas wears light chainmail armor underneath his royal clothing)


sees Katherine and Falone fighting

N: “The fuck is happening here”

attempts to spear through Katherine’s chest

N: “Man, that girl is weird… First moment I think of her as some average royal helper and the next thing… She’s trying to kill us, dad really wasn’t good at picking helpers.”


@discobot roll 20


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(This is gonna get complicated now lul.)


@discobot roll 1d20


@discobot roll 1d20


:game_die: 4


:game_die: 16




(DC was 18 btw so I failed)


Nycolas stabs Katherine in the chest with his spear. But misses and stabs the ground.


“ahhh shitttttttt.”


“Falone…Falone…you can probably guess what I want” she laughs louder and advances not swinging but not unprepared for attacks


“I do. Such things, will end here.”
He adopts a stance, the one Nycolas often sees him using in training.