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The Throne... Roleplay Thread


(Are we gonna have Falone accidently fall off or just trip and not get hit or get a knight to save him?)


(You’ll see. Noz will make the move.)


( Inb4 he is secretly death aka the reapers master and then executes her)


(Falone will be murdered…)


Get ourselves a Kidnapper for our Evil King spot.


anybody within the castle hears brakuren’s boots clamp on the ground. He is walking around the throne room looking for where his private chambers are


Whistling through the air the scythe only grazes his back @Shurian


Ezura approaches Brakuren.

E: You’ve been doing that for a while.


“May I know… What brings you here… Reaper…”


Brakuren is stunned by there being another person in the castle

“Why, hel…llo th…ere…”


E: May you explain?


“I…m er looking for my quarters.”


Ezura let’s out a small laugh.

E: You talk and act like a lost child. Where were you meant to go?


“Ambition may be my fatal flaw but I need to act now…” she swings at his ribs


He sidesteps backwards, the scythe grazing the top layers of his skin, cutting through his robes like melted butter.
“Kathrine… I knew you would have come for me. But this early? You’re more reckless than I thought.”


“Let chaos reign…let it reign” she swings for his stomach




A swift dodge goes to the prince, narrowly missing the singing piece of metal. The scythe cuts off the balcony’s support walls, crumbling down onto the garden below.

“You have no excuse for coming in here. Treason, is it not?”

(@Nerbins Uhh his father told him to trust in her… rip lul.)
“An unordinary killing (physician’s exhumation results.), you killed my father, is it not?” He does a quick step forward, striking his elbow into the reaper’s chest, causing her to stagger backwards.


(Does it have a good voice?)


(Dammit Nerbins D:<)


Image result for hehehehe meme

scuttles away