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The Throne... Roleplay Thread


(No…sadly no he cannot come in)


(Okay. What Noz says is law, even if they no longer have a panda PFP.)


(You know what I mean by saying Kathrine’s plan is flawed, right?)


(ok if you dont want him there thats fine)

(however i feel like i should say that he technically can be there, unless there’s god-tier magic protecting it. regardless, if you dont want him interfering in this event, thats fine)


(He can maybe be at the town, screaming his head off or something. Just not at the castle because that’ll be stupid.)


(I’m gonna make it land if you do nothing @Shurian :stuck_out_tongue: )


(You don’t know the flaw, do you? I’m not gonna tell you because it’ll be fun seeing how you overlooked it.)


(Honestly, I have no plans of letting Falone die so early on, it’s gonna throw the Kingdom into disarray, and spark “traitors among our midst”. So I wouldn’t want him dead.)


(I simply don’t care…let the chaos come and let’s see if I can ride it to my goal )


(Do an attempt. I’m rolling a dice here. XD)


(I did and use discobot)


(lol this shit dude)


(The fuck you say?)


(no clue, I can’t read)


(Reading i- :stuck_out_tongue: )


A: Odd…


(Oof, don’t tell me falone is dying right now? I thought he was gonna get a special execution by either the cult or unseen if they took over the throne)


(Rolling a 1 equates to Falone’s death.)
@discobot roll 1d2


:game_die: 2


(Oh the gods have answered.)