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The Throne... Roleplay Thread


The Castle of Adiart. Long has it thrived, defences unmatched. Countless attacks made on this stronghold, but yet fail. Adiart has foiled countless espionages, King Arthur leading the nation. It is now one of the strongest nations in the world, while others watch on with envy.

Yet in his throne room, he sighs. He knows the peace will not last. His time was near, and he had to appoint his successor as quickly as possible. The queen had passed away, long since the children had motherly love. The next generation, was not ready. The princes had much to learn, princesses to nurture. The eldest prince was away on a diplomatic mission, who knows when he would return.

Arthur had wrote many books, on how he led the nation to its current state of glory. The many diplomatic relations among the countries, how he led the push to a cooperative safe world.

However, he knew this will not be for long. The power Adiart had, was too much. There were people who thought that Adiart should conquer all the other nations. There were people who wanted that power for themselves.

He looks out of the window of his chambers. The city can be seen from the castle. The hustle and bustle of activity was no different. He onwatches, hoping the city will remain the same.

The city, busy as always. There is something brewing however. A tale that people will not forget.

The story, of Adiart.

The Throne... Of Lies. [Interest Check]

A familiar knock came from the door connecting the king’s private room with the corridor. Opening the door without further introduction was a familiar figure; lean, tall, with his bones showing the outline of his wrist and cheek.

Drevis carried a tray with his left hand with a single cup of tea residing on top of it. He entered the room with no trace of hesitance nor nervousness, a proof of his long servitude to the royal family of Adiart for many years.

“Your tea, Your Majesty,” he said as he placed the lightly ornamented cup on the desk in one trained motion. A faint whiff of steam came from the cup, a sign for a warm cup of tea.


your majesty, Ganon and his minions have seized the island of corridai


The king turns, his figure covered by his royal robes. He walks wearily towards the desk, sighing as he went along. Each step was heavy, covering only a meaning that the elders knew.

“Thank you, Drevis,” as he went to sit on the chair. “Have a seat.” The king beckoned, pointing at the long chair that complemented the ornate desk. The room is slightly dim, with the worry on his face amplified with the lighting. He takes up the cup, and sips from it.

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“Sorry, my lord. But we cannot let you in as of now. His Majesty has specifically said to not let anyone in for another hour. Shall I convey the message for you?” The guard outside the entrance leading to the chambers said.


Kathrine is also at the door. She is impatient and looks like she needs to get in QUICK


The guard is pressurised with two of the royal family outside. Sweat trickles down his neck and he tries to keep his face calm.


“My lady, and lord… this is by king’s orders. I cannot allow anyone else to enter the king’s chambers.” He stutters.
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Drevis walks toward the appointed chair and sits down stiffly. Murmurs of words similar to excuse me can be heard under his breath.


Her eyes seems to glint “You doubt my word that this is important?”


I just need to alert dad about something, like right now. Can I jump in like an anime character please?


(That’s improper)


(my character isn’t supposed to be proper)


a figure walking toward guard, he ignore Kathrine “by the name of Light Let’s me get in! unless you want some demon to get into castle and eat you alive!”


Kathrine smilies yet her mind is going through possibilities on how to convince the king on how to spread the guards to her benifit


The king places the cup down on the table, heaving a sigh of relief. His face seems to have relaxed.
“I don’t regret many things. But it is strange, that the one thing I regret, is the most worrisome that I should have prevented.”

The King pauses, before letting out yet another sigh.
“My children are not yet ready.”


(Neutral King confirmed)


Drevis face twitches a little as the king mentions his heirs. Granted, he has served the royal family of Adiart for two generations as of now, but the current princes and princesses…

“Forgive me to be a bit blunt, Your Majesty. But from the point of view of this servant… The current heirs will not be able to live up to your bloodline.”


Nycolas tells the guards: “If you do not let me go and see my dad, I will force an axe right to your throat”

In an attempt to sound like a threat


magnus look at kathrine seem interesting “what are you doing in here?”