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The Throne... Of Lies... Returns. [Roleplay Thread]


(quick perform cpr it cant die now)


The holy, gilded blade shined with the exuberant rage of the Paladin as the blade was swung toward Nicholas’s neck.
It registered a sickening gash on the demon’s arm, blood spurting out of the inhuman appendage with the very ‘hospitality’ that Nicholas came to know over the course of his encounter with the holy woman.

Her eyes a shining yellow, she follows through the slash with a right hook to the demon’s head, a bloodlust clouding her better judgement.

“DIE MONSTER! YOU DON’T BELONG IN THIS WORLD!” They shouted out. It was almost animalistic.


You know what it was a mistake to revive this


The girl takes a step past you to leave the room, and you now notice just the slightest bit of a limp in their stride, and the grinding of their teeth.
Their lips move shakily, trying to say something, but they silently forbid their own speech. They glance to the floor, then back to you, then finally to the rose when at the door.


The memory of the spider struck back at his memory that was slowly going back and forth on the recent events as his demonic mind usually did in background. The battle memories also getting on it involuntarily was also a trace gained by the extent of his free will.

Uniting both, he noticed that both times the spider died were pretty similar in nature. Apparently it regenerated automatically at an unknown speed that could last anything between one second to 245 years, as the demon was sealed not long after the slaying of their mount in the only book Marlvith had at the camp, the diary of expeditions wrote by the scribe who made the expeditions enter in history.

He was still slightly worried by the use of the rust demon shaped as a spider, Iyvel, though. The creature itself was a gift given to him by Mithras, or better, trusted on his hands. Its merely summoning could have meant a debt to pay, or the reason for the calong of the blood. Demon, who actually are you kidding. Your own existence is a debt to Mithras, one that you hide the taxes and pretender that never happened.

Similarly, he hided his tears to focus on getting out the way of the sword and to start running immediately his neck diverted from the path of the blade. Death was a luxury he couldn’t afford, even if unknowingly now running into the direction of the abyss.


“They’re not just tools to me, they’re important creatures who deserve love and compassion… Even if odds aren’t in my favour, I have a sword and my friends there, should that lady attack me when I re-enter. Depends if her god tells her that my plan is to run and bring a big group after” he says, reopening the door and stepping back in, feeling the wall to end up back at the hallway


“Be careful, okay? I’ll meet up with the Golden Dragon soon and think of what to do next from there.”
Cedar’s smile looked genuine and sweet. You can tell his name is still true.


( @Mercenary )


The Paladin winces as their fist fails to land on its intended target, instead hitting nearby brush. Their countenance registered their annoyance at the miss.
In your attempts to get away they steel themselves to stop Nicholas in their tracks before the demonic filth could escape.



She looks down at the ground, a bit forlorn. Her soft expression then realizes itself, turning into a scowl.

The Assassin kicks the ground in annoyance with their right foot, yelping in slight pain. They visibly steel themselves before leaving the room to the place you mentioned to them.
As they leave they make a passing gesture of thanks to you.



While conversing with the shopkeeper, a carriage can be heard thundering in the distance. It’s not uncommon for one to come by this area, but the noise…doesn’t stop. It can soon be realized that this was a case of something entirely irregular.

An invasion force? Some royal gathering? Neither of these seemed to fit the current situation.

The shopkeeper winces in response, clearly unprepared for this.



As the carriage starts to move, a most troubling sight enters your vision.

A mass of guards can be seen roaming about the shopping district. This is entirely irregular and shouldn’t be happening at the moment. It’s unannounced.


Iyvel. Destroyed by the light, on their two deaths. He looks at the paladin which symbolized both what he hated and feared the most. Even Mithras do not wish of the destruction, even the devil he served upon in the old days didn’t chase him desperately giving orders.
He wondered if Khevetar was still alive. Most demons and even devils only received a name when they needed to be adressed as a separated way of their folk. The same reason that all demons and devils worth summoning had them.
In general, almost all of curses of a demon carried through generations of the same family line. The foolish humans often thought it was related to bloodlines, but the demonic concept of inheritor is more of those who is not a son by genes but one who followed the same ideals.
All paladins were to be hated because they were Marlvith, by this line of thought. They expressed the relations of inheritance in their own names of those who were deemed worthy enough to possess them, covering the concepts of inheritance and creation over their prefixes and suffixes.
He wondered if Khevetar was still alive, though.

Running, the paladin enters in chase. His Lord also communicates, but he weaves out the words as his body by reflex stopped suddenly while he was drifted on thoughts. Their fine reactions had brought him to the border of the abyss, where without their reflexes he would be certainly past the border.
He looked back at the paladin in a savage fury, feet touching half the void and half the land. Having they probably going to strike, a glimpse formed itself on his mind. He formed somewhat of a plan, but now could only count on their agility to dodge the next blow at the border of the abyss. If the paladin hit with force, which was likely, she would be thrown forward by the weight centralized in the blade. Not enough to fall into the abyss, though.


“We should try and avoid them”

Zynx tells her butler




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Canned until further notice


Support for this basically died after school started back up for me, so I’m making it official.

:smile: Thanks for making my first venture into hosting a regular RP a bunch of fun!

I can take a lot away from all of this as a roleplayer, and even some into my personal life.

Personal thanks go to Squid, Merc, and Cheesy. Y’all rocked.