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The Throne... Of Lies... Returns. [Roleplay Thread]


“You have no faith in humans then, freak!”


“I… Before… Yes. Before Iyvetal lead her to Corax, I had faith on her.”
He went from the tree quickly to pick up a book from the wet ground.


A dagger is thrown in your direction.
“You lead her down that path yourself. You took her soul from her.”

“If you truly were a human you would lay down and die for that.”


He opens his book against his throat. Just in case, you know.
“I gave her soul ba-back. Before… Before they tried to struggle.”
The thoughts of Mithras went back again. It was visible he was getting more desesperate.


The dagger pierces through the book, grazing your neck.
“I won’t believe you and your honeyed words, defiler!”

The Paladin charges forward with their blade toward you.


He tries to get back at the tree dodging scheme. “PLEASE. HE WILL TORTURE ME FOR REFUSING HIM. I DON’T WANT TO DIE. I REFUSED TO FOLLOW HIM.”




The Paladin attacks. Again.


He again morphed an arm into a claw, pointing it at their own neck.


Noticing the attack, they interrupt midway the movement to their neck to block it instead as there would be no time to hide behind the trees.


Vilhelm did not believe he had woken up this early, but maybe they stood up until this early. Alternatively, the noble could have slept but only after enough time for him to be at deep sleep right now. At dawn, he went searching for Richard.


(at dawn? boi that’s early, richard would probably be asleep at this time)


(Richard himself told him to encounter at dawn
And Vilhelm usually wakes up early)




He’s still asleep in his room.


(Do I know where he is since we got at the same time or nah)


There is a commotion in the shopping district. Something is definitely happening. It can be told from the large mass of guards, seeming to be all marching in unison, a stark contrast to the days seen before, of their smaller clusters and meandering.

The guard’s strides continue. And that’s when it can be seen A man, not in armour, but in pampered clothing, and on a horse, unlike the others seen close to him. And there’s one thing that makes it easy to understand; the crown on the man’s head, signifying that the ruler was back, wherever he had been.


He opens the door. Without knocking as always.


Richard is still asleep lol.


He contained a yawn. Vilhelm probably planned on leaving soon, but he wanted to see a thing in the first place. He silently walked across the bedroom until he got an angle which they could see Richard’s face, looking for signals of crying.