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The Throne... Of Lies... Returns. [Roleplay Thread]


The fall this time was much harder making it hard for Marian to get back up.
"My form… will be much stronger… than this… puny vessel… "


“Marian, why do you defend me?” He spoke again in the hopeless motto.


“My soul… is yours… remember? Isn’t a slave… supposed to protect their master?”
You can hear a small cough coming out of her.


The Paladin kicks Marian in the jaw.


“You are not anymore. It would never matter, as a weak demon with one soul is still inofffensive. I want you to die in peace.”
He went back to crying again, silently rolling tears.


The mask that was on Marian’s face breaks away making the attack less painful. Her face is not what you expected a girl to be on death’s row to be. Her pupils are shrunken in anger and her mouth contained drops of blood inside it and around her lips.
“I… can never die in peace… not when there’s still a threat that plagues this earth!”


He stood quietly again, sustaining himself over a tree.


The Paladin brandishes their axe, preparing to end Marian’s life.


With a last ditch effort, Marian stands up and makes a sudden dash towards the Paladin.



The same lullaby from Corax echoes in your ears as the Paladin swings their weapon.


He expected to die gloriously in battle. This scene was something a demon would never expect from themselves. He had to rely on the tree for how much he had shaken.


Marian’s body immediately halts as the soothing melody reaches her ears. Familiarity… Peace… That’s all she needs… Just letting herself be ready for the impact.


‘It is over, my child.’

‘It is time to pass into eternity.’

The lullaby came to an end as the axe hit its destination, Marian’s world going completely black.


He simply watched it, his current position pathetic in comparison with any other demon.
A demon who stands helplessly crying.
“So, what is your choice?”
As if wasn’t it obvious enough.


A single tear falls down the Paladin’s face as they walk toward you.


He reflects it with into slowly leveling the quietly acceptation of death into a cry.
Such a good moment for the talk with Mithras to come back at their head.
“I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die.” He went on a position ready to move through the tree they were to sly over attempts of decapitation a few times. “He will, he will… I don’t want to die.”


More tears begin to fall from their face.
“Accept a peaceful death. It is the least you can do.”


“She had hope. I don’t. I have no god to backup me from him. You know what will happen. I don’t want to die.”


“You had your chance. I gave you a chance. Y-you just THREW it all away.”

She attempts to swing a blade at Nicholas.


The tree movement had effect.
“I could not bear the weakness or the mortality of a human.”
“Bu-b-bu-but mostly, I expected it to be a trapping spell. Not heal.”