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The Throne... Of Lies... Returns. [Roleplay Thread]


“Choose…? I have my sword to fight the assassin, yet I’m not strong without my companions… Wait, my companions?! Oh gosh, I’ve left them inside… What do I do?” he said, starting to panic “If I walk back in, she’ll know something is up, right? Yet I can’t abandon them… Staying here is by far my best option. Just have to hope a paladin comes near”


“Relying on chance has never helped anyone.”
An annoyed scoff was uttered.
“Those around you are merely a leveraging tool in hostage situations. To return with greater numbers is to tip those odds in your favor.”


You are never alone.


She sighs continuing to stare at the book.
“What’s going to happen to me when Nick gets sealed?! I’m going to be left to die by a Paladin and her group of knights!”


…Your soul has been taken.

Your body merely is another tool at your disposal.


“What does that mean?!”

Her tears run through her face making her grateful that it’s hidden.


Death is imminent.


“Wait. If I get sealed, my servants die?”
vietnam flashbacks


“No…no… please… I don’t want to die! I still have to stop Cedar! I need to save Adiart!”
Her sobs get even louder making it harder for anyone to hear her actual words.


Unfortunately, the Paladin will kill her.

Quite gruesomely.


“Any escape from this hell at all?”



Enough souls will allow it.


“How do I get more souls. Now.”


Not now. In due time you will be freed.

Your service to Mithras is worth redemption.


“So you are telling me that I will be at my current state again if I get puppeted enough?”


“…Please… I still have so much to do… Please…”


I have no more to say to you.

I served my purpose.


He hugged you, proping against a tree. It was unknown if it was a plan of hiding or legitimately reconfort before death.
“Mith… ras. Mithras. Are you still here?”


Marian closes her eyes as she starts to pray to the only being she could pray to.
“Corax…. please… I need you…”


When our gods abandoned us, memento mori was the only thing left.