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The Throne... Of Lies... Returns. [Roleplay Thread]


@Mercenary @PoisonedSquid

In the gloomy skies breaks forth light.

A beam of pure light cracks forth, clearing the skies themselves as it travels directly in front of the spider.

There is little time to react as a wall of light appears about twenty feet in front of the spider.


“You’re not planning on enslaving humani- OH SHIT! LOOK OUT!”


He knows the spider would not be able to stop at time, and jumps from it while pulling the girl together.


Lily gets up and smiles apologetically.

“Sorry, but that’s classified, you know how it is. Now, I must get to the king to report it as soon as possible, so if you could guide me to my belngings, that would be appreciated.”


“We’ve already got that covered. In any case, do you know where I can stay on this ship so I could stay outta sight?”


As expected, the spider vaporizes entirely upon passing into the wall of light. It makes an inhuman screech as it burns.

Out of the wall of light steps…the Paladin.


Cedar puts his hand to his chin and closes his eyes.
“Perhaps you can rest in my old cabin. Nobody uses it anymore, so you should be fine. If anyone asks, I’ll say it’s off-limits.”


Their expression turns into a warm smile, like they’ve had to be through shaky livings for quite a while now. They sigh in relief.


It covers again the girl as if not only to protect, but also to hide it somehow.
The demon looks around, now with both arms at the form of claws, as seemingly to detect other soldiers.


“No problem.”
Cedar feels more calm. Perhaps his heart of gold is still there.


The Paladin gestures to the demon in their presence with eyes of pure light.

It could only be seen one way:

Bring it on.


Scenario analysis finalized. No soldiers, a bittersweetly good achviement.
But one thing was detected. A small ladder they could use to gain time, but it would presumably be useless in the long run.
Second option? Giving up.
Third option? Calling Mithras over.
He started to run away with the intent of throwing himself over the hill, rolling to gain speed advantage.


She presses her hand against her cheek.
“It’s kind of petty, I know…”
They look down, a bit dejected.


“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. It’s a simple theory” He said, getting back up as he started to leave his house via the front door “That lady is still here… Yet it’s not that worrying. It’s not like I can hide anything from her while she has that god”


The Paladin stays still, only scoffing at the Demon’s attempt to escape fate.

You throw yourself over the hill, you notice a nearby cliff twenty meters in front.

Otherwise, the trees thicken heavily, which could make for a good spot to hide. There’s also a downed tree that is extremely wide.


“Marian. Serious question. Do you preffer being the slave of a slave who fights, or the slave of a slave who flees?”
There can be no hope at this hell. No hope at all.




“And when all options are exhausted, the best strategy is to retreat.”
Applause can be heard from above you.


The Paladin begins to take an offensive stance.

"Retribution Comes, foul creature."


Marian gives no answer for a few seconds until she starts to speak in a shaky tone.
“Whichever one makes us more alive in the end.”