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The Throne... Of Lies... Returns. [Roleplay Thread]


“Although I have heard humans usually shut down at darkness and breaks the suspension at day. But they usually can go for some cicles without doing it, which makes me think that it is superfluous.”


“It’s called going to sleep, Nick. There’s nothing mystical about it.”
Marian is starting to get a little annoyed.


“Yes. What is the maximum of cycles you can go through without sleeping.”


You hear them discuss amongst themselves, except for the wizard, who seems to take the news independently.
Well… you hear some. even though they are using hand gestures, and you can seem to see them visibly react, there is no indication of words.
Apart from the court wizard’s distinct rambles.
After a bit, the elderly woman comes to you.
“Well, aren’t you a strange one. Hehe.”
“In all my life, i’ve encountered people of may kinds. Yet you…you are different. Your presence… it’s as if it’s unworldly…”
“But it’s not the magical signature of a cultist.” The paladin chimes in.
The elderly woman smiles.
“You are different.”
“But I must ask… why are you here?”
“She was suspected to be a cultist, right?” The paladin replies. “Which begs the question, why? What were you doing?”


“How the hell am I supposed to know?! I guess for me it’s about… a couple days?”


“Very well. I will define it as six days. Why do not you know?”


“Six days?! I said couple, not six! I mean, I haven’t really tried to stay awake for so long, so I don’t know what my real limit is.”


“Why have not you.”


“As I have stated before, I am here to deliver an important message to the king.”


“Because I didn’t have a need to.”


“But it is stupid to sleep every night. Why do humans do that.”


“Well, that’s certainly not how it ended up.” The elderly woman smiles.
“So how did you get into the situation, where you were being reported?”


“So we don’t feel exhaustion and not do as best as we could.”


“Do you feel tired for fucking existing. Anyway, what is the minimum of sleep you need.”


“My parents did say that eight hours a night keeps the dragons aflight.”


“So everyone organized it to be at when humanity can’t see properly. Hurts me to say it is an intelligent move.”


“… You really don’t like my kind, don’t you?”


“I find them curious. Weak but funny.”


“If you consider me weak, then why did you take my soul instead of someone else’s?”


“You are still more valuable for me than what costs to keep you alive. I do not have a limit, so every soul is great.”