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The Throne... Of Lies... Returns. [Roleplay Thread]


He fastly puts the hand back for stability.
“You stronger now?”


“Not as much as I wanted to be, but certainly better than a few minutes ago.”


“I… was an alchemist. Where is my cat?”

(clearly not avoiding the question here)


“Still useless then” He groans while pushing you up with the arm that was carrying you.


“Can you give me my soul back so I can get my strength back faster?”


He chuckles in a macabre way “That’s not how demons work”


The paladin stares at you, not answering your question again.
“… A former alchemist?”
He turns to the court wizard, whose beard stroking has not ceased. In fact, it only became more furious.
He sighs and looks at the two women, who seemed to be confused as well.
The paladin looks back at you, then asks,
“How would you describe your experience with magic?”


Marian frowns despite her mask not showing it.
“I’m still me… right?”


“You are still you, just not yours anymore.”
Something felt… deeply wrong.


Marian’s stomach drops.
“W-What do you mean not mine?”


He lifts you again, still holding.
“Don’t ask questions you aren’t prepared to handle the answer to”


“Not very familiar, although I’ve seen wizards and the like about. I did have a recent… introduction to it though.”

Lily tries to not laugh at the Court Wizard, hiding it with a cough.

(cw fav char. inb4 he strokes his beard away)


“What if I’m prepared? You can’t just stop me from wondering these kind of things!”


He gives a pause between the short and long. Just at the stake of uncomfortable.
“You are mine.”


Marian’s body starts to shake. No… it can’t be true… you can’t just suddenly be owned by someone else. It doesn’t make sense!
“You must be joking! I don’t belong to anyone but myself!”


“Stay quiet. You will fall if you continue shaking.”


(Welcime to slavery)


“I can try to keep my own balance, thank you very much, I am not someone’s servant, I am Marian Rutz!”


“You can’t. Also, just keep me in alert of what humans need. How frequently, to be more exact. I’m bad with that.”


“… You know I can feed myself, right?”