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The Throne... Of Lies... Returns. [Roleplay Thread]


The spider charges forward, a bit aimless but trying to get away from the oncoming assault.

It’s main body starts to shudder, showing uncertainty?


“Run. Just run. If you do not run, we will all die. If you run, we will all survive.”
It tries to push the demon forwards. As long they ran enough to tire down the troops, they would be safe even if they did not reach a good place.


@discobot roll 1d20


:game_die: 9


An arrow whizzes right past your face, only slightly grazing your ear.

The spider is picking up the pace in slight fear.


You wake up to the flare of a blinding light.
It’s a giant room, you’re in. As much as you can tell. As your eyes adjust, you can make out more. Stained glass windows, pews, an altar. A large statue of a woman, holding a dragon gently within her hands. When it is clear enough for the dragon to appear blue, you understand.

At the same time, others in the room notice you coming to. The paladin who commanded you to follow, is standing directly above you hands glowing a noticeable yellow. Two women, one elderly, one younger, holding staffs, looking inquisitively at you. A child, you see, hiding behind the two women, watching you with a sort of curiosity.

And finally, and old man, assumedly a court wizard, stroking his beard at an alarming rate.



The demon, flames on their hands, tries to firewall their attackers. With a sngle target, it would be possible not to put the forest on fire. But now, it was very likely.



Her eyes dart around the cabin, trying to find something else to focus on. She then looks you dead on in the eyes.
“All you need to do is try to sway the Golden Dragon to your side. Nothing else fucking matters.”


“That’s what I’ve been planning on doing… But we still need to infiltrate Adiart and take down Leonard. I’m not sure if the plan will work if he’s still alive.”




(is my stuff still with me and am i tied down)


(your stuff is not with you, but you are not tied down)


“If we are to fight, I want you two to deal with the Paladin.”


“Are you crazy?! All I can do is resurrect the dead and the book is… a book!”


“I am talking about you and the spider. If we are to fight, I provide you with the dead.”


She was ambushed… But why isn’t she in the castle dungeons? Is it because of her staff or her new body? Too many unknowns… best to deal with one thing at a time.

Enunciating slowly "Where the fu- ahem Where is my stuff and why am I in a church?


“How can you give me the corpses I need?”


Oh god she was really that slow.
He transforms one hand into a claw again to show what he is talking about.


Marian realizes that she should probably stop asking questions.


Nobody answers your question.
Instead, the paladin asks,
“Who… are you?”