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The Throne... Of Lies... Returns. [Roleplay Thread]


“Well, that’ll be something we need to figure out along the way, for certain.”
His tone seems to hint that he knows something.
“In all honesty, it might just go in our favor.”


“And how is that so if ya don’t mind answering.”
Cedar seems to be curious on the cloaked figure’s tone.


The voices come from behind you and from above you. The tone shifts suddenly to a well mannered pace and tone.
“The strongest thing you have is your stealth, use it with your wit and weapons to survive.”

“To forsake those, to let your enemy enter in your doorstep invited is a farce. A horrible plan.”


The figure lowers the facemask and hood, revealing themselves for what they are: a woman with eyes of a markedly red complexion.
“There’s one of ours on the inside.”


“Their allegiances while not directly with us are completely aligned with our future goals, so they will help us.”


Cedar’s eyes had widened by the news the woman had told him.
“I see… I have suspicion on who they may be, but I do not believe it is the best intention to speak that out loud. After all, I assume they want to remain hidden after all.”


She smirks.
“I’d like to hear your best guess.”


He takes a gulp before answering.
“It’s Parn, isn’t it?”


She snorts in amusement after hearing your comment, clearly not expecting your answer in any case.
“Not in the slightest.”
“It’s to be one a their royals. Vilhelm.”


“Vilhelm? Pardon me, but I have no idea who this man is. It’s the first time I’ve heard his name.”


It was the perfect solution, even if easily trackeable. They would probably now need to hide their faces whenever they went to - to the girl it just meant taking off the disguise, to him it also meant changing clothing - which was not big of a problem. But this solution marked also his affiliation to the one he just resisted shortly before, now a debt that probably should be paid for in blood. Mithras… was right on the distancing part.
He secured her with an arm circling her chest to make sure she would not fall on the riding, looking back to detect danger. He seemed anxious at the sight of the paladin, considering how he held you tighter.


As Marian tries not to fall off, she decides to see if she can know more about what’s going on.
“Nicholas, you were speaking to someone earlier. Who was it?”


“Mithras.” He declares, emotionlessly. More in a I-am-hiding-what-I-feel tone than a I-do-not-care one. “Main ally of Corax. Together they… Yes, they usually work together. I don’t have access to why.”


“If Mithras is an ally of Corax, then why were you against him?”


He breathes heavily and proceeds silent, as if ignoring the question.


You find yourself so tired after a while after walking for so long.
All you senses seem to dull.
You can’t even discern where you are anymore.
As you realise this, you feel like you legs suddenly give way. And the last thing you hear before everything fading to black is the paladin shouting “NOW!”


She scratches the back of her head for a moment, raising a brow. She takes a step back, kicking the ground with her right leg.

“Well, he’s one who I ‘think’ was screwed over by succession. He’s not on our side yet nor have we reached out contact, but his mother should have been the rightful heir.”

“The important thing is to get him to be the king instead of the prince. Since Bronx decided to attack Iskandar, we don’t have any alternatives.”

She winces when mentioning Bronx, spitting out the word with disgust. She shrugs when mentioning the lack of alternatives.




“Little shit who doesn’t understand what using your head means. If anything, he’s almost jeapordized everything in the pursuit of petty revenge.”
Her speech is like poison, corrosive. They most assuredly hate this Bronx guy with a passion.


“Would it be best if I speak to him and perhaps solve the problem between you two?”