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The Throne... Of Lies... Returns. [Roleplay Thread]


“F-Fine, I’ll do it! Just get it over with!”
Her voice is shaking not knowing what’s about to come next.


Something natural as breathing comes back. A smile, if he could, would be hidden.
Amidst the madness, the feeling of being empowered was inexplicably good. Maybe because it also strengthened Mithras, at the end.


Marian collapses onto the ground as she suddenly feels weaker. For some reason though, she doesn’t mind it.


He lifts your body, seeing it was again too weak to walk as carrying it.
“Carry the box and don’t let get out of its hold. Guard the book inside.”


She follows the demon’s words as she holds the box.
“W-Will I ever get my strength back?”


Having the feeling of its hold was way too good.
“I will need it. For a while.”
He still walked carrying the girl.
“I had a plan. Would you be able to ride something right now?”


“I’m not sure… What even is there to ride?”


“A demonic spider going fast.”


“Is there an alternative or is that my only option?”


“The alternative is going slowly, riding me as we are now. The alternative is also trash, as you see.”


“I’ll take the spider then…”


@Mercenary @PoisonedSquid

Right below you both a ring of fire forms, destroying the very earth beneath it.

From the depths of the hells rises an inhumane creature with eight legs and burning eyes.


Marian covers her mouth as she screams from what ungodly sight the creature had placed upon her eyes.


Oh I thought I had to make a ritual or something can I still really summon those…
Mithras should be behind it. Worried, but mounts on it anyway and extends the hand to Marian.
“Stop screaming and just get in.”


She still looks terrified but she gets on the spider anyway.


“A whole group of cultists did it. I saw them burning up the village and sacrificing the people of that village.”


He tries to discern where the voices are coming from “Possessed dolls? No, that’s not possible, surely. Instead they are angry but that’s only my imagination. It’s fine… Nothing is happening, everything is fine!” He shouted out, trying to calm down


She continued to silently backpedal the stairs, now near the top. The wish to scream how dumb the hunter were for negating reality was big, but their good sense to keep her mouth shuted up was greater. Finally feeling the top of the degrees, she looks around for ways to leave the place.


You both get on the spider. It readies itself at your behest as several arrows, armed soldiers, and a screaming paladin charge in your direction like a lynch mob.


On the second floor you see that the window which could be possible to get out through, but there may be nothing to break your fall. There are also other rooms which could lead to alternative exits.