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The Throne... Of Lies... Returns. [Roleplay Thread]


You could see his left hand becoming a claw, as they did before - even if you were unable to see at this time. The claw at his back was still here.



The image of Mithras piercing your form with chains the maniacally laughing as he dangles your corpse flashes before your eyes.

He’s sick. Sadistic. And all too powerful.


(yes teemo is always with me uwu)


Seeing Nicholas’ struggle, Marian opens the book and speaks to it.
“Where’s the nearest abandoned location we can settle in?”


Too far.


Despite her face being hidden, she grits her teeth as she continues to speak to it.
“Is there any place to hide?!”


A really heavy respiration could be heard, as if he controlled himself from not being possessed. The image of chains was sickly alluring. Even if saying menacing things, he deeply felt to desire to go back. Not to cry, as unknown to his kin, but to grief. To “I’m sorry father, I am right back here.”
He holds his head even with more intensity, as it could be seen. Controlling it was becoming a hard task. The memories of the battlecamp went back. Those times were glorious, and he didn’t have to fear anyone. He was powerful, never challenged, and feared. He didn’t had to run from menaces, he was the menace.
But even the devil said there was another way to increase in power, even if not directly serving Mithras.
“I want to. I want to raid the camp. I want to kill them all.” Talking made processing thoughts easier. “Girl, there is a way to survive the squad. I believe so.” He remembers to keep running, completely oblivious to the opening of the grimoire. “Give me. Your soul.”


Marian makes a loud gasp.
“What?! Are you crazy?! What will happen to me if I do that?! What would Corax think?!”


“It is the only way. The only way to survive.” He repeated the end, making it easier to lie to himself. “It empowers me.”


She closes her eyes to try to communicate with Corax in her mind.
Corax, should I even listen to him? What would happen to me if I give my soul to him?


The guard writes something down.
“Anything else of note?”


There is no response in your mind.


“eh, if ya took it that way you didn’t quite understand what I meant.”
He shrugs, slamming his fist on a nearby wall.
“You don’t quite need to kill all the Blue Dragon to do anythin really. Just take over the throne.”


“… I’ve been wondering… Who has to take the throne once the King is no more?”


The breathes get more spaced, but more deep.
“I have been stupid. Pardon this vessel for that. I failed. I am weak, and need you. I should never have detached. I follow you. I need you. I adore you. Do for this vessel as you please, as it was always y…”
“No. Fucking don’t. No… not yet? Fast. I need it. I need your soul.”
It was conflicting. Probably no longer he would break. The desire to unite was strong.


The paladin continues to walk, not even pretending to notice you.
“Of course. We’ll be there soon.”


“Will I die or not if I do it?! Answer me!”
Her voice is near breaking confused on what to do.


Lily continues walking, annoyed, and a bit sore from this new body.


“How can I even give away my soul?! Do you take it out of me?! If so, why can’t you just do it without my consent?!”


“Agree on. AGREE ON GIVING IT TO ME. Just AGREE. All that is needed.” It would form an one-sided pact. “I protect you if I get your soul. Accept this.”