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The Throne... Of Lies... Returns. [Roleplay Thread]


It was a glum day in Adiart. The sky was a bland grey , filled with clouds pouring rain onto the earth. The rain splashed everywhere over the city, drenching all the citizens who decided to be out, and their possessions too.

Droplets of rain appeared on the window. The stained glass window in the throne room of Castle Adiart, the home of the Blue Dragon, a faction known by everyone for it’s amazing defences and influence. it’s entire legacy told on this one window.

And the King, Leonard Lionheart observed, absentmindedly. This was a familiar routine to him, to step off his throne to admire the window behind, and the distorted view of the kingdom behind that. It was a perfect view for him, encompassing much of Adiart in one view. He smiled as he looked around at the peaceful land, even less active due to the weather.

Focusing back on the stained window, he saw an image of a valiant knight, high and mighty, his sword raised. The king instinctively mimicked the pose with a chuckle, but then realising where it pointed at.

The throne. A throne that he didn’t deserve. A place where he shouldn’t be. A civilisation he shouldn’t need to run. But a land he must rule over, no less. Leonard sighed, and left the room.

Outside the throne room, he saw his son, Lars. Seeing his father, he quickly rushed over to say something, but his father dismissed him before he could speak a word.

“Leave me be. I’m going for a walk. Tell the guards and nobles I want to go alone, for once. I will be back… just. Leave me be.”
Lars reluctantly nodded and rushed off.

The king sighed and headed down stairs to exit the castle. He did not care to take anything to shelter himself against the rain, for he just wanted to leave, and have some alone time.

And so, the castle was temporarily left without its ruler…

It seemed like a normal rainy day…but who knew what was to pop up.


Cedar takes a step off of the ship of Xed as he takes in the scenery of Adiart with a calm smile on his face. He stands at the port excited to see what treasures lie beyond the land.

“Oh, Adiart, a wonderful sight to see. Hopefully there’s some lost artifacts around here, who knows what part of history has been buried by the earth?”

Cedar starts to look around for any green land near by with his trusty shovel. Since it’s raining, he is wearing a hood made from leather from a long dead cow.


(But like)

(It’s raining heavily)


( the mad lad)


Getting out of a carriage cart, a noble is scouted from rain by the servants who ran inside to take him a cover, boots and pants splashed by water.
Standing under the arc that lead to the main room, a well-known man came into the saloon, talking to the frozen maids for an unexpected arrival.
“I request housing”, he simply muttered while adjusting the diadem with two fingers.


Cedar walks deeper into the core of the town and looks around for any citizens to talk to.


(still in heavy rain)


(He does not give a crap)


You see a Noble standing under a tarp, in the middle of the town square, preaching about something. He’s quite loud, but the wind and rain drowns out most of his words. You think you recognize a couple words… Something about… Green Kraken?

(If only megaphones were invented…)


Ignoring the heavy rain tolling on his body, he walks up to the Noble and tries not to startle him.
“Excuse me, mate. I see you’re talking about the Green Kraken. You must love them, don’t ya?”


You can see thinly veiled disgusted at the mention of the Green Kraken, but it’s not directed at you(at least for now :eyes:). He’s holding a stack of flyers that say MAGA(Make Adiart Great Again) which have miraculously not gotten wet yet.

“Quite the opposite! Why would anyone love pirates who raid our ships, kill our people, and take over our jobs? We must purge them from our land and become independent once again!”

He hands you a flyer for you to take. He does not seem to notice your garb quite yet due to the heavy rain and your hood. He does, however, squint his eyes in suspicion at your inflection. Or perhaps that’s just the wind…?


Cedar takes a quick look at the flier and gives off a subtle awkward look with one of his eyebrows raised and mouth tilted
“Uh, thanks. Anyway, I’m sure you’re a regal follow who knows this place well, do ya know where the forest is?”


(We’re both under the tarp?)


Richard grows slightly suspicious, and perhaps a bit more curious as well.

“Not from around here? Mind if I ask you what you need to forest for, then? There’s not much to see there anyway, at least not in this downpour.”


“I came from Crittania to trade with the finest dealer in the land and I heard he lives in the forest here to protect himself from attackers.”
Cedar notices the flier is slightly more wet due to the wind carrying some droplets of rain under the tarp. He shakes it a little to try to air dry it.


A lone man walks through the area, taking a glance at the conversation.


Richard seems to ponder before a moment before deciding.

“Very well then, I shall show you the way to this ‘dealer’ you speak of…”

He takes out his umbrella and steps out from under the tarp.

Beckoning to Cedar “Come, my carriage is this way.”

To a servant standing nearby “Pack things up and bring it to the castle please. I’ll be back by midnight.”


“Thank you, good sir. You really are a big help.”
His smile grows wider again as he holds tighter to the flier making it slightly crumpled and follows Richard trying not to step on any puddles.


Addison was walking through forest planning to collect some herbs there but then it started raining
“seriously?” he thought to himself while hiding under closest tree


“Call me Richard. I don’t believe I’ve caught your name by the way.”

Richard shares his umbrella with Cedar until they arrive at the carriage, although somewhat reluctantly.

(he’s susp that squid is a squid :eyes:)