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The Throne... Of Lies... Returns. [Interest Check OWO]


“Come now, little ones. I have a story to tell. A story about a clash of good and evil. A story, about Castle Adiart.”

"Was it not in the beginning days that the Earth was filled with chaos and disorder? Was it not that there were dark times, and a world full of savageness and villainy?

That was so, but yet, it changed, as a group called the Blue Dragon came and reshaped the world. Everything changed. Order was established, chaos was quelled, morals were created, and civilisation prospered. Adiart was the culmination of all these things."

Yet now, with the current king … distrust between the royals and the commoners is apparent. Rumours are that the king is not loyal to the Blue Dragon, and that he sides elsewhere, with a group hellbent on Adiart’s death, or worse, a cult determined to eradicate everything.

With this weakness in the kingdom, will darkness strike, or will Adiart stand firm? Only time will tell.

(Please ignore the fact i haven’t played ToL in a while)

Rpers can be any of the roles found in ToL or FoL, and thanks to @Pug, the Green Kraken as well :o

Will you be a Blue Dragon member, using detective work to find out the king’s true intentions ?
Will you be Neutral, standing on the sidelines and observing the interal conflict?
Or will you be a member of the Unseen, crafting your own plan?
Or a member of the Cult?
It’s up to youououououoo

(If you’d like to co-host, ask! Fill me in on those plotholes and inconsistencies I may have :o)

If you’re interested just say /in or smtn

The Throne... Of Lies... Returns. [Character Sheet Thread]
The Throne... Of Lies. Character Sheet Thread









you fiend
my stream of /in s.


Plopped a discord




check op








I’m not that good at RP but I think this will have some crazy shit since cheesy is GMing this

I’ll spectate for now I guess?


@CheesyKnives I’ll cohost :stuck_out_tongue:


ay lit
message me on the discord with “:^)” and ill give you cohost role



Time to bring my roster in


peter griff /in


@Pug join the discord


15 likes and I send a video of me default dancing


Uh, ok.