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The Throne... Of Lies... Returns. [Character Sheet Thread]


Name: “The Masked Mage”, Nicholas. True name goes by Sabkhevetar.
Age: Demon
Gender: Demon, but goes as male due to their deep and reluctant voice.

Role: Demon
Alignment: Blue Demon. That’s neut.
Background/Personality: Nicholas was a demon serving under the dark gods, when they were aprisionated by leaving a possession, sealed in an item, and forgotten for decades. Each day passed drained his forces and made his name to be forgotten — even by his gods, which allowed him to break free of the slave mindstate he used to be when in their service, having now their own wishes and thoughts.

The spell finally broken by the unherited death of his last prisioner, the weak and discarded demon was fred with not only a fear to again be “found” by the gods or their cultists, but also a strong curiosity over the mortal men and their lives. Casting a spell to assume human form, the demon would realize their wishes — as long they didn’t cross paths with a paladin — and now travels as a mysterious pyromancer.


Name: Erbit Norfolk
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Appearance: bart_oobleck
Role: Observer
Erbit Norfolk is a knowledgable but erratic individual. Brought up in solitude in the living quarters of a watchtower, and never being allowed to go outside to enjoy life as a normal child, the only thing Erbit could think of to do was to climb to the top of the tower and see all that he was missing out on. And how! Erbit became fascinated with the concept of narrowing down the broad, through picking a random spot in Adiart each day and peering through his telescope - his closest and only friend - in order to pick up on the finer details.

Lately though, his attention seems to have focussed on to a more… troubling matter. As discussions rage through the streets of folk partaking in incoherent babbling, and those occupying the dark alleyways and seedy waters ever growing in number, pen and paper become a new ally to Erbit, as he notes down and draws with frightening accuracy his findings. To reach him though may be a task as difficult as eradicating the creeping evil taking root in the city.


Name: Sans Undertale
Age: 22
Gender: M/F
insert sans reaper edit here
Role: Reaper
Background/Personality: A fat skeleton who likes making awful skeleton puns in public. Nobody really believes him to be a threat but in actuality he does reap souls due to him generally not caring about life since he knows that you can just save and load. He calls this giving them a “Bad Time”
He seemed to just appear in Castle Adiart one day and everyone was just fine with it as he is a great guy to hang out with in the castle bar.
He mostly helps the Blue Dragon with their shit but he does truly plan to kill the last one once they’re all gone.
Using one soul he may teleport.


Name: ??
Age: ??
Gender: N/A
Role: Devil

I have no need for an introduction. I simply am what I am.

Answering all those who ask, my purpose is merely to further my master’s goals.

Of course, that goal is as cryptic as one might imagine.

I duly serve him, never failing.