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The Throne... Of Lies... Returns. [Character Sheet Thread]


Greetings, noble!

Please put your character sheet on this thread after it has been run through one of the hosts:

@CheesyKnives and @Geyde

Gender: M/F

Will you be a Blue Dragon member, using detective work to find out the king’s true intentions?
Will you be Neutral, standing on the sidelines and observing the interal conflict?
Or will you be a member of the Unseen, crafting your own plan?
Or a member of the Cult?
It’s up to youououououoo

Neutrals are completely fine.

I need to put up like 5 more things to make this complete but yeah.




Name: Cedar Aurum
Gender: Male
Role: Captain (Formally Plunder Organizer)
Alignment: Unseen
Age: 25
Personality: A bit cocky, yet kind, Cedar is selfless planning on protecting all those that he loves. He’s usually energetic, but if his past is mentioned, he loses that energy and becomes more serious. He also gets into this mindset if the King is mentioned.
Backstory: Left behind by his family as a baby, Cedar was forced to drift into sea inside a fragile basket. After a few days of drifting, he was picked by the captain of Xed, a ship filled with noble pirates and allies of the Blue Dragon. On the ship, Cedar was raised by the crew and became a viable member due to his often collection of treasure that he would give to the members of Xed to become more powerful. Cedar’s life had been steady until the recent death of the previous Captain of Xed, Eddie “Black Stache” Buk, who most likely died at the hands of a mysterious figure. After a conversation with this figure, Cedar became convinced that King Leonard was the reason for Buk’s demise and swears to dethrone him. As first step to do so, he must become the new Captain of Xed and gather allies. With great power comes great responsibility, but is Cedar using his newfound power for a darker purpose without realizing it?


Name: Iskandar Lionheart
Public Name: Andar Alsudi
Nickname: Andar
Age: 32
Gender: Male

Role: Drunk
When going through his day-to-day activity, Andar does his task on his own pace; a slow, comfortable one where he doesn’t need to think too hard or put too much effort. Even in conversation, Andar goes on his own pensive relaxed pace, where his tone doesn’t need to be too energetic nor does his voice need to be loud. With his my-own-pace attitude, Andar is very accepting of others as he wants other to let him follow his own rhythm. Of course he will let them go on their own pace.

He has quite a pessimistic and apathetic look on life in general, which, when coupled with his drooped eyes, give him a pensive air. His airy attitude doesn’t mean he lack motivation. When set upon a goal, Andar will go for it with all of his power – and at his own pace. He may not be hardworking, but his strong determination to go about leisurely makes him crafty when needed.

He was not one to show off, but Andar had royalty blood in him. This was no other because of the machination of his mother, who, being a cunning courtesan with desire for gold, managed to trick the young prince (very young at the time) into sleeping with her. This was of course in the past, and the prince had turned into the king. Nonetheless, the itsy bitsy matter of the existence of a bastard son made Andar lived quite lavishly from the crown’s money.

But that was in the past.

Andar’s mother was already in her 30s when she slept with the prince. She expired at the age of 50. Quite a long life, really. Of course, Andar, was now left on his own device. He could enter the castle, reveal his status as a bastard prince, and lived lavishly. Desirable? Of course not.

Instead of running to the throne, Andar cut his connection with the royal family, hiding with the money his mother ‘earned’ from the crown. He went on many small business ventures, but eventually settled for being a smuggler and informant. He was widely known as a frequent patron of Stag Crown Tavern.

His existence in the court, of course, was a black mark on the royal family’s reputation. While his existence was known to the royal family, he was more of a rumour to the nobility in general.


Name: Vilhelm Ambrose Lionheart
Age: 28
Gender: M

I know it’s from FE but I don’t have idea who it is
Psychopath pic but it is cool ok
Role: Pretender.
Alignment: Blue Dragon
Background/Personality: Son of the sister of the current king, Archduchess Kiraly, Vilhelm was a nephew for the king and a cousin for the prince and princess and arguably a bastard unknown one for the drunk. It was all set for Kiraly to take the crown, when for mysterious reasons — even for herself — her brother would be declared king at her expense. And, for sure, this tale would still be told even after three decades of the coronation.
For sure, Duke Vilhelm found this case to be very suspicious. Desesperately trying to get more influence within the court with his royal status, he sowed paranoia in everyone’s minds… Not a completly unbiased paranoia, though. The existence of a radicalist cult and a third-party faction was clear and their influences where growing, both groups seemingly slowly trying to grow big enough under the radar until they can land a decisive blow.
The pieces made sense when gathered together… Or he started to believe on his own lies. The king could be really a traitor. And for much he enjoyed the company of the remaining royal members, they could also be corrupt as well… And even if they weren’t, they would still try to regain the crown after the old king’s execution. “Purging the evil” would be good, but it’s not his sole reason for wanting the crown. It is also because his mother was wronged, and justice should be done… And being meek it won’t be.


Name: Leonard Lionheart
Age: 45
Gender: M
Appearance: image
Role: King
Background/Personality: The current monarch of Adiart, Leonard is a man who is distrusted by his peers and disliked by his people. His dismissal of consequences is what has lead him to his current state starting at the young age of 13 he was beguiled by an older woman to sleep with her. It was only through other members of the Blue Dragon the event was uncovered, and it caused public outcry and distrust between the royal family and others. This pattern of unquestioning but increasing hate by others continued into his latter teenage years, when he was crowned king. He did not question why he took the throne when his older sister Kiraly was the rightful heir, naively accepting the reason “She is not fit to rule.”

30 years later and the King is still a puppet to his court; passing laws that any noble requests, and repealing them quickly when there is backlash… He has no backbone, yet still tries to put up a facade that he has courage and determination to rule.

He has been accused for the longest time that his idleness is because he is working with factions that want to see the Blue Dragon’s demise, or a cult that that want the destruction of everybody, and his refusal to speak out against these claims worry many. “He has not done anything about the strange disappearances of the commonfolk, the absurd pratices of the physicians, or the thievery in the streets. He gets his Blue Dragon members to sort that all out, while he sits on his throne, looking all grandiose.”

At least, that is what all are led to believe. The truth is, no one knows the true reasons for Leonard’s passiveness, or if it is really his fault. But one thign is for sure, there are some secrets being withheld, lies being spun, and questions needing answering.


Name: Faris Zelkenseim
Age: 35
Role: Mercenary
Gender: Defense Tank Female

Backstory: A mercenary of over 20 years of experience, she has had a fair share of jobs and fighting. She has to help her village earn money, in which they were desperately lacking. “Politics” weren’t worth mentioning about, but she’s got a keen eye for looking out for the high riches, and she ain’t gonna miss a good pay.

Personality: She ain’t your typical outskirts gal from the outlands, she’s shrewd and blunt. While her eyes shine when the brilders are presented, she ain’t that easy. She extensively gathers information for potential complex jobs that are presented to her before accepting the request. She likes children and knows a way around any kid. Very practical when it comes to money, but very biased in her deals depending on who she’s dealing with. She’s also very kind to the weak, and respects the strong. But however, there ain’t no service she can provide for trash.

Likes: She loves the lilies that come from her home village, along with her family. Anything with money works too, as long as its profitable. Hard work and honesty earns her respect.

Dislikes: Dilly-dally around her, she’ll drill into you like any other outlanders will. Greed, Discrimination against the poor will also wreak her ire. However, the one that really sparks her rage, would be that person who dismisses hard work.

PS: Started working at the age of 14.


Name: Zynx Scythzar
Age: 16
Gender: F

Role: Sellsword

Background/Personality: Born into the rich family of Scythzar and is always seen with her butler, Eral. When she was seven years old, she mysteriously disappeared and came back to her family at the age of ten bringing along Eral, who no one had ever seen before. Since she was little, she used to hang around the family’s alcoholic who taught her little tricks to use here and there which made her to be quite cunning and a bit of a tricky person to deal with. She has never liked the poor, but hasn’t shown much hate against them either. Unlike most of the other nobles, she does not care much about her pride and what the Lionheart family is doing to the kingdom.


Name: addison
Age: 21
Gender: M
Appearance: usually wears “plague doctor” outfit. Has brown eyes and not long black hair. 161 cm slim body and androgynous face
Role: herbalist
Background/Personality: personality: shy and socially awkward and gets embarrassed easily . He puts usually a “cool and collected” mask to hide it. He doesn’t feel sympathy to most people and doesn’t care about their fate however he deeply cares about people who are close to him wich he hides from everyone since he thinks of it as being embarrassing.
He likes “plague doctor” outfit and wears it even when it’s not needed because he finds it cool and it also helps him hide his emotions so he can come us “cool” to others.
Also he is very passionate about his research

Background: he has always found what doctors do fascinating. Fortunately for him he also had a natural talent for it. He started studying what different herbs do.
Not long ago he had a job as physician. He has done some research most of them were made to make new drugs it was requested by government. Some research he made in secrecy even from government and writed all his works results in his personal diary. He was never loyal to government since he had conflicts with nobility but wasn’t fully against it. Now his parents were falsely charged and executed for “sticking their nose where they were not supposed to” and he was kicked out from his job thanks to influence of few nobles. Before leaving he destroyed most of his work so it would not get into hands of government but kept his diary for himself.

Now he is looking forward to revenge blue dragon for what happened to him and his parents.

Thanks to his diary he has knowledge on how to reproduce different poisons and drugs wich are yet unknown to everyone else.

He already knows of presence of black rose and cult he doesn’t want to devote himself to a god so he decides to works with unseen he yet doesn’t know their motives and his presence is unknown to black rose and is in “enemy of my enemy is my friend” with them


Name: Richard Alnen
Age: 29
Gender: Male

Richard Alnen

Role: Noble
Alignment: Adiart :eyes:
A slighted individual with the propensity toward secured relations. The other nobles of the court mock him for his radical, heavy handed approach to politics. But to that end, he needs to humor their lashing words and obfuscating intentions. In conversation, Richard always appears to have an aggressive yet pungent tone that seeks to get his point across in as few words as possible, much to the chagrin of the ‘gracious’ propriety expected of those of his rank within society.

His earthly attitudes net him a tendency towards ensuring security above all else. He sees the king as a broken man without a spine to hold them together. In simpler terms, he wants the puppet to be cut loose. Hating the Green Kraken with a burning passion, his political moves seek to sever the ties they have, and eventually to return Alnester in its beauty back to the hands of the Blue Dragon.

Ambition would be the ultimate word to describe this man. No matter what his plots drag him through he will continue on fighting. Even his own self-image plays second fiddle to his pursuits.

Is he unhinged?

Of course.

His weaker noble house has always been named as the one who would incite great change by many, and they were correct to say the least. His father once dueled the King over the deal that eventually left Alnester to the grubby maw of the Green Kraken. The death of his father ignited a passion within him where there was once nothing but a silent plume.

Richard spent a decade of his life expanding the force of his power through his own trials, eventually subsuming enough power to be granted a seat at the king’s council.

(will add more once this box thing has more info)



Name: Eddy “Black Stache” Buk
Age: 44
Gender: Male

Role: Captain
Alignment: Loyal

Widely respected for his leadership capabilities, Eddy “Black Stache” Buk redefines what it means to be a diplomat. His superb planning and talent in negotiation netted him the trust of multiple other crews, supposedly winning battles without ever firing shots. Uniting all the wayward sailors under the banner of the Green Kraken, Buk was able to achieve positive relations with many diplomatic powerhouses, such as the Blue Dragon and the Golden Dragon despite the barbaric tendencies of his crewmates.

In his weakness, he allowed himself to take advantage of Leonard, who shared no interests in helping his fellow men. He was able to successfully convince the weak Leonard that Alnester was planning to defect to the kingdom of Crittania from forging documents that the joint cease fire made between Alnen and Admiral Shwarston was the first step of an insidious plot to wage war upon Adiart.

Seeing the death of Alnen ruined his perception of himself. The jolly captain died that day. He seeked retribution through the raising of an official not tied to the atrocity he committed in order to lead the Green Kraken to new heights.

Blue Dragon are allowed freely on the land of the Green Kraken as ascribed by treaty of Xed. This document, written by Buk, also granted free trade along with several royal pardons for members of the Green Kraken for acts of piracy.

Buk’s accomplishments in the field of diplomacy had some faults and bearings on his person. In any case, those who encounter him would say he’s a jolly fellow with a knack for sarcastic wordplay. Some would even say he was a noble disguised in a pirate’s cloth.

Most of the crew reveres him for his actions, his leadership granting them better lives. As a result of this, there has never been the need to stab the man in the back for his numerous ploys in the pursuit of expansion.

Anyway, he’s not one to coerce with insidious entities. Insubordination is a crime punishable by death after all.


Name: Eral
Age: 48
Gender: M
Appearance: old-archer-46258
Role: Butler

Background/Personality: Eral is the butler of Zynx and the great Scythzar family. He has been working for them since Zynx was 10 years old, which means he has been working as a butler for 6 years. He has always been respectful his whole life and is a loyal servant to the master he serves. No one knows where he is actually from, but everyone recognizes him as “Zynx’s Butler” ever since Zynx returned. He does not like people who are too full of themselves but can still tolerate them because of his Butler’s Loyalty trait. All that is know about him is that before being a butler, he used to be part time bounty hunter, but his old is age now affecting his health so he is no longer able to do bounty hunting. He used to be great fighter because of his bounty hunting skills but he keep’s getting worst and worst the more old he gets and the longer he works as a butler.


Name: Parn Obrus
Age: 30
Gender: Male

Role: First Mate
From the beginning to the present, Parn has always been in complete support of my schemes. Despite his cheats, he’s quite loyal! But that’s not all there is in regards to the lad! He’s a skilled con, one of the few that has ever outfoxed me in a round of gambling in my time on this rock. This was the my main reason for promoting him to such a position for so long. Trusted amongst the crew yet relatively unknown in the face of politics, he never really ventures far from the Green Kraken’s territories. He also heads the black market trade between the Green Kraken and Crittania behind the Navy’s back. It’s quite hilarious.

He’s an ambitious fellow, equal parts savage and civil. Got a few speech problems but otherwise he works just swell. A bit of a thrillseeker I might add.

~ Eddy “Black Stache” Buk


Name: Draco Jaeger
Age: 18
Gender: M
Role: Hunter
Background: Growing up in Adiart was a struggle for everyone… Draco was a child who had known others that went… “Missing” from a young age. Children abducted perhaps to be butlers, or to serve a nefarious group, even the teachers started to become unhinged. To this day the teachings of the children depended fully on whoever was teaching at the time and their parent’s status in the town or nearby areas.

Being from a family of animal tamers, Draco was thrown in a class of fairly middle class Blue Dragon members who were trained to hear the whispers of the gods and ignore them… Trained to stay in the shadows like the unseen and yet strike with a simple trap of command “The strongest thing you have is your stealth, use it with your wit and weapons to survive” were the last words from his teacher as the students witnessed a cult leader claiming him as their own. While most students stood frozen, Draco quickly struck since he knew that he’d be rewarded handsomely for his efforts, with the blood of his teacher on the table where he’d been taught, a revolt was led and the cult leader was kicked out from the school…

Perhaps killing the leader would’ve stopped all these problems yet the students were too afraid… It was the best he could do. Now as an esteemed hunter he doesn’t seem to carry many supplies around except a whistle and a sword which was bestowed by a knight… His house on the other hand is rumoured to be a treasure trove, yet for some reason nobody ever leaves there any richer… The only change is that there’s a sign drew on the door with the blood of those slain to try and ward off enemies.

Personality: Quite quiet, he doesn’t speak to anyone unless he trusts them… Or he is offered a good deal.
Loyal to a fault - If he grows loyal to someone he will protect them no matter what. Unless money is involved.
Determined - Living on for his teacher he seems to quietly whisper words of encouragement to fight others.
Soft side - When it comes to animals, he has an incredibly gentle side and will put animals over human life


Name: Henry McLeod
Age: 28
Gender: M
Appearance: kakyoin
Role: Seeker
Background/Personality: A deeply troubled person, Henry was introduced into the cult at a young age by his family. They were too poor to raise another son (he had 2 brothers and 3 sisters) so they gave him to the cult in return for payment. He was 5 at the time. Having lived in the cult for most of his life, he feels strongly aligned with the cult and is very loyal. He is uncomfortable in situations outside of the cult but tries to put himself in more situations like that to become a better cultist.


Name: Palie Rajani
Age: 20 (yes she youngg)
Gender: F
Role: Cult Leader
Alignment: Cult
Background/Personality: She was trained since young to be a priestess, recouncilling the faith of the commoners to the two gods. When she started to be touched by Mithras, she resisted it - slowly losing apress for their family, family and the local populace, but still maintaining fate. When the darkness of Corax called her, however… Her faith seemed void of meaning, preeches and orations for gods that could neither reach the commonfolk, neither save the own sacerdotess from the darkness of their opponents.
Giving up on all she previously considered dear, she knew there was now only one meaning and only one salvation from the total mayhem… To resist is futile. To serve is our duty. Starting to hear voices after her conversion that she believes to be from the evil gods herself, she again accepted her role as a channel between the mortal and the divine.


Name: Lillian Halsey
Age: 18
Gender: F

Old Body

New Body

Role: Alchemist?
Background: Lillian’s father an apothecary owner, mother a skilled alchemist, it was no wonder that their small shop was one of the most prominent in town. That is, until some corrupted nobles who ran a rival business framed her parents for treason against the crown and had them executed. Through a mere fluke, Lillian was able to escape with her life, swearing to purge the corrupt.

One day when foraging in the woods, she was drugged and put under a spell by the Sorcerer. Perhaps the drugs interfered or maybe the spell went awry but something went terribly wrong and Lily lost her body, her consciousness transferring to the Sorcerer’s instead. She later found one of the Sorcerer’s victims: a messenger who had a note of dire importance to the BD. Carrying on the messenger’s duties, she took it upon herself to go to Adiart and deliver the message,(perhaps with an ulterior motive in mind, who knows?) meeting an intelligent cat and a mercenary along the way.
(sorry if this isn’t good, will update as story goes on)

Personality: Lillian has a very optimistic, easy going manner, making most people feel comfortable and secure around her. However, don’t let that lighthearted exterior be mistaken for laziness. She is very persistent and confident in herself, not letting much deter her, making her a bit stubborn and singleminded sometimes. If you manage to get on her bad side, beware.


Name: Marian Rutz
Alignment: Green Kraken
Role: Scientist
Age: 16
Personality: Honesty is Marian’s policy and she does not give a shit if the person on the receiving end gets hurt by it or not, but she does try to help her crewmates physically. Maybe she only does it so she’ll get paid… eventually. She also has a fascination with resurrecting the dead which can be a bit creepy at times.
Backstory: Marian used to be a part of a poor family who had to go to extremes to find enough shillings to obtain food. For thirteen years, this was all of what Marian has faced until she had snuck aboard the ship of Xed where she developed a knack of potion making to make sure she doesn’t get kicked out and be left to die.


Name: Faris Dwi Arima
Nickname: Faris
Age: 25
Gender: Male

Role: Knight
Behind the calm expression and seemingly composed face, Faris is known to be quite kind. In front of strangers and acquaintances, he has a difficulty to show them his thought. He’s shy around new people and has no idea how to act around them. Despite the initial awkwardness, Faris opens up rather easily to others when they approach him first, showing an eagerness to make new relationships with others albeit his own difficulty to start one.

A person who doesn’t express his emotion outwardly doesn’t necessarily plan his every move. Faris finds it’s hard to plan everything and relies mostly on improvisation to do his job. With his quite spoiled upbringing, Faris is quite determined to live until an old age. He is quite picky of what he eats and will refuse anything he thinks as detrimental for his well being if he can help it. Despite that, he succumbs quite easily to persuasion from his peers as he’s quite eager to maintain a good relationship with his friends.

Though he is a knight in title and occupation, Faris is nothing close to an orthodox knight. He was originally a boy hailing from the slums of Adiart before he was taken in by an ‘orphanage’. The orphanage was run by an information broker who used them as his ears.

Faris was quick on his feet. At the orphanage, those contributing better information received better treatment. Better rooms, more food. It motivated him to do better, and his natural talent helped him. His actions caught the eyes of the information broker as he got older, who entrusted him larger task.

As he got older, however, Faris too started thinking of heading for larger pond. With the paltry fighting skills he learnt at the slum, he went and joined a mercenary group, Sun Raven.

A stroke of luck for Sun Raven happened when they managed to stop a huge boar from wrecking a village. The action (and a particularly generous and drunk noble) granted them a Knight title. Faris, too, received the title. While the rest of Sun Raven was content with being tasked with guarding the dungeon, Faris chose to be stationed outside of the castle. Unlike the rest of the mercenaries, he was still young after all.


Name: Cahn Spyre
Age: 56
Gender: Male
Role: Gravekeeper (Golden Dragon)

Background: Cahn lived in the kingdom of the Golden Dragon for the majority of his life, and worked as a gravekeeper since he was 16. When he was 30, the Reptilians infiltrated the kingdom, killing numerous people, and he was scarred since then. The inhabitants thought they killed them all, but Cahn believed that some were still alive. When he thought he spotted a reptilian while working 9 years ago, he immediately warned anyone he could find and moved to Adiart, staying as a gravekeeper. Few people in Adiart know him, and those who do believe he is insane.

Personality: Cahn is paranoid that lizard people are running amok, due to the attack 26 years ago, as well as his belief that they are still around, benefiting off the people believing they are extinct. He is almost always distrustful and quiet, not wanting to be near others for fear of them being lizard people, or otherwise be mocked by them. He does not fear the Unseen or the Cult, but is convinced that the lizard people are the ones pulling the strings behind them. He’s a little unhinged.