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The Throne... Of Lies. Character Sheet Thread


I wasn’t :confused:


Nvm, it’s fine


lemme make the interest check :V



one request…

The reasons why the last one failed was because of the Xed subplot which overrides adiart.




you have permission to include all of my green kraken classes as playable classes.

but keep the plot to one thing at a time


One request




On a side note:


the guy who has to steal their wincon is such a good concept cmmonnnnnnnnn


I’d like to do this, maybe, but I’m not sure I understand it, if that makes sense?

Like when you say you can be any of the classes, what does it entail?


It would be great, but it would get wacky really fast.
You’d have the Mastermind duking it out with Ben Shapiro
and that would be weird.


(Also how about asking Luxy if any of the Infection classes could be involved)


Ok, I got your point even if I laughed in the Shapiro part.


That’s fine, I’m a bad explainer.

Think about this:

If you’re a Sheriff, what would your main objective be?
To find out any members of the rumoured Unseen.


Using your Expert Investigation skills and sending a Scout to spy on certain people to potential sniff out criminal activity, as an example.

Or if you’re the Mastermind, what could potentially be your goal?

To intercept the throne by Converting enough people to your side, while staying In the Shadows to prevent being caught by any Sheriffs. You’d obviously be able to hold your own against attacks, (As the Mastermind can ingame) and would gave good social skills and communication (as he can convert many people ingame).

Does that help?
Probably not.


the mastermind could also display a normal non-useen faux sheet in the thread or something like that


scratches head

Not sure I get it still, sorry.

Can you maybe offer up an example sheet?




I’ll get a character sheet up soon but let me take an example with one of the characters from the Last ToL RP (which is actually in this thread)


Name: Andrew Sorben
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Role: Cult Leader (Former Observer)
Personality: Seemingly nice to everyone , even his cult friends. That’s not all there is to it.
“Hey. Andrew Sorben! Observer and Warden!” Hail Mithras.

This is an example from the Last RP. I’ll be mostly sticking to this format.
Does this confuse you in anyway?


Eh, I guess I was expecting a more lengthy Character Sheet?