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The Throne... Of Lies. Character Sheet Thread


No, but I guess it’s because he didn’t want to do it, idk


@CheesyKnives :wink:


@Shurian does this change your mind?


My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined



It’s time, bois


heck yeah


:facepunch: :wave: :wave:


should i make it a sequel or a au :thinking:


I got burnt out because of the many elements I’ve added >_>


What I would love is a total revamp based on the current things the story went and what not.

Co-Hosts must know what they’re doing, at leat in a general story wise direction.
I’m just this trash heap :3 (Farming games are fun)


Does that mean we can make character sheets now? :thinking:


if you don’t know whats happening, how can you :^)

Refer to my question above, I’m just interested if y’all want a sequel to the original, an alternate universe which has the same premise, but new characters and such.


I’m in


Same here, I’m going to be a Blue Dragon (Plz convert me senpai) but I shall have fate pick the class my character will be >:)


Me want neut


Thats cool and all but please answer my question eeee


What type of AU are you thinking and what happened in the previous ToL roleplay?


I havent even played the first one



That’s true.


I swore y’all were in the first one