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The Throne... Of Lies. Character Sheet Thread


you would spend more time rolling grand idea classes then actually playing the game




rises from grave

hey did someone say tol rp


Fik yeah, I would want to join that


Yeah, would be great to do that again.


Who do we force to make the thread?




Yeah that works.
We have a request.




Me three

I’m finally venturing into the vilanous role playing thread!


Wait, I get to be a Villain/Antagonistfor once in a game, and don’t pull the whole new SWBF2 BS?

Make that 4!


I might use the Physician I’ve used in my lore suggestions (Secretly, I want to be converted, but eh)


I will roll randomly my class as a true hero


I will be the class I was born to be.
The drunk.
Don’t question the fact that I’m 15


questions the fact that he’s 15


I might ping Shuri in the FoL Discord about this :thinking:


i could gm it
we all know how my last rp turned out :smiley:



Welp, Shuri doesn’t want to revive the RP



Did they elaborate on why?


: 3