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The Throne... Of Lies. Character Sheet Thread


also I’m not returning my characters from this one.

they felt like an extremely cheap comic relief character and a love interest that has shit to hide.


they were going to join the unseen later though.


hey pug we gave you a quadraping how could it fail


You could definitely work on it, I’d think you would do fine at that job if you would do it.

However, your recent performance seen with the campaign, to be entirely frank, worries me on the whole committal issue. Specifically for GMing a big ass rp.


I just dislike the characters for personal reasons.

the prince was fun to play as but he got annoying to play after a while


then cohosting would be needed.

also I agree


tbh, make one thing at a time


pug issues

xed, like 3 fms


I can do everything in the SCP fm. Just give me an hour when I eventually wake up


instead of several smaller projects try to reunite them into a big unique one


Smaller projects end up being significantly better unless they have to be individually juggled.


in fm you can put one project after the others since they don’t last more than two weeks normally
but rps are better on being long-term


Which is why I have blatant favoritism for RP.

totally not related to my overtheatrics


I mean
I would trade those for a single 10k+ comments one any day of the week


what is that site?


portuguese forums for a flash webgame that’s already dead




I still have an idea I never developed
making a rp and giving all characters one power at random from powerlisting wiki
You have the power to have everything you say automatically become untrue.

But fuck you, know why? Because the folk above just rolled Milk generation.
Oh, by the way, the guy under you has hat mimicry. Or was it space overlord embodiement?


In my never-ceasing tirednessnessness, I might work on somethin


many of these projects are on hold.