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The Throne... Of Lies. Character Sheet Thread


Name: Bob leymar

Role:Knight, or at least he pretends to be


Name: Dassix Leymar
Age: 34
Gender: M
Role: Ex-Knight. (Xed Knight)


Name: Brakuren
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Coward and a loner. (But sometimes not)

Role: Sheriff


I’m making there the 4th mercenary


it’s been on hold for 8 months


I wish it wasn’t shrug.

ToL RP? That sounds fucking amazing


should I attempt a rerun?

I could add golden dragon AND other factions to the mix. considering Green Kraken is here.


Do it with grand idea classes


Yes, because we need Phil Swift in this RP.


might as well make it a meme rp then

no we dont. all we need is flex seal over your mouth


yay my neighbor is yelling at 12am in the morning.


I’m just too sad rn to even joke about child abuse.


It was a joke Puggle.



awwww man

yes I’m aware



That would be oddly amazing.


I’d honestly want to see this redone.


I’m down to work on it.

say so if you want in for piss off maximusprime


can I say it to you straight?


sure go ahead