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The Throne... Of Lies. Character Sheet Thread


Name: Rosal Nemenaya
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Something a bit like this:

Personality: Quite cheeky. Unafraid.
Role: Sorcerer.

“Ke he he , lets have some fun.”


Name: Xerial Rakze
Age: 34
Appearance:Wears a black pirate jacket and wears a white shirt beneath,has white hair and keeps a snake around his neck named Slake.
Personality: Calm,Cunning, Helpful,Welcoming, Sometimes a bit too prideful
Role:Snake Charmer.

(Man the names suck don’t they?)


Name: Jan Mots
Age: ??? (Appears to be in their high 50s and low 60s. True age unknown.)
Gender: F

Role: Assassin
Strengths: Experienced in many forms of both persuasion and combat. Often underestimated.
Weaknesses: Often fails to believe in themself, or gives up prematuralely. More apt to flight than fight.


Name: Clay Spears
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Something Like this!
Personality: Quite happy until you talk about the Sorcerer
Role: Inquisitor
“Witches like you don’t deserve to live.”


2 inquisitors? Okay.


(it was said there could be multiple)


(Welp they just win anyway cause there’s now two)


( I know. There can. Also, Clay is my real name, so irony.)


Name: Semma Selwynn
Age: 15
Gender: Female.

Role: Magus. Witch.


Name: Oscar Prospero
Age: ??? (idfk, old)
Gender: M

Role: Court… Wizard? (Charging up…)


We have an electro. Unless it’s not an electro.


Ew, really? Someone told me you didn’t


Noz is Electro.


I’ll ask Noz if it’s ok.


Other neutrals are fine to have two, neutral killers are usually a no-no. Maybe he’ll allow it, I have no idea.


elecs can have multiple


But not poss? (Shurians gonna pop up any second and scream “No talking!”, I know it.)


Fixed it for you.


… Yes. People. Stay Quiet before I decide to move everything to Discord.


Name: Amelia Johnes
Age: 20
Gender: F

Role: Priestess