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The Throne... Of Lies. Character Sheet Thread


No fourth wall breaking. Or I will break you.

With cheers and love! Shuyarn!




Name: Ezura Nemenaya
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Think something a little like this:

Personality: Stern. Very.
Role: Priest


Name: Reeze Gasuritch (Jaze)
Age: 21
Gender: F
Role: Mercenary. (HIRED)

“I have nothing to do right now… Hey! Wanna spar? I won’t lose!”


Name: Falone Adiart
Age: 38
Gender: M
Role: Prince -> King

“I shall uphold my father’s kingdom. I will end the plagues that he worried so hard about. Long live, the Blue Dragon.”


Name: Reginald
Age: 48
Appearance: Looks like drunk class card.
Personality: Pretends to be drunk so people will leave him alone. Desperate to end the cult.
Role: Drunk, formerly cult leader, and invoker before that.


Name: Sam
Age: 9
Appearance: Younger version of possessor class card.
Personality: Manipulative and incredibly intelligent for his age.
Role: Thought to be a possessor, actually invoker. (You made me give up the twist Noz.)


Name: Derioplis Dinklewad
Age: Old.
Appearance: Inquisitor class card.
Personality: Dedicated to finding the sorcerer. Incredibly annoying.
Role: Inquisitor/ BTM poisoner(previously)


denied, we have a possessor


Name: Quincy
Age: 34
Appearance: Ray Shields, but with slightly shorter hair and glasses.
Personality: Overall nice, but a money grubber.
Role: ???


I said… No Talking in my CS Thread! Now delete the talk before I break you.



Name: Narcian Weeds
Age: 48
Appearance: ???
Personality: Self-centred and arrogant. Very, very meticulous.


Name: Snakeye
Age: 32
Appearance: (Imagine Zoro with his bandana on , but with yellowish , snakier xd eyes and stubble, also a bit older)
Personality: Very straight and quick to the point. Isn’t one for talk. Has a very good eye.
Role: First Mate.
“Got the needle. It was in a haystack.”


Continuing the discussion from The Throne… Of Lies. Character Sheet Thread:

Name: Fergus Xeddish
Age: 39
Gender: M

Personality: Your stereotypical captain who most of the time is too drunk to deal with stuff. But can somehow control a crew while Drunk.
Role: Captain


That’s sexist.


Name: Gana Adiart.
Age: 27
Gender: F
Appearance: Coming soon…
Personality: Coming soon…
Role: Princess.


Name: Bondarchuk Alena Vladislavovna
Age: 27
Gender: F
Personality: A woman who nobody will ever love as she is way too insane and emotionally broken. She doesn’t appear too often as she just stares at the people who rejected her’s graves and this is the best edgy backstory,
(are joke characters like this allowed)
Role: Scorned


Wasn’t this picture Scorned’s original artwork?


Yes it was, 6’5" Black Man.


Best nickname i ever had.