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The Throne... Of Lies. Character Sheet Thread


fool’s taken too


Don’t talk here, use the discord instead. Also, I think you can have more than 1 fool




Please go into the Discord and tell me your roles there, or if you do not have Discord, DM @Shurian, Marl or Nozzy! Also please refrain from posting small talk here. This is a Character Sheet Thread, if you have to, post it here!


Name: Alexander Crestington (Known either as Alex or Crest to most)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Mousey blonde hair, quite tall and broad in stature with slight markings due to the years he had spent in the wild forest
Role: Hunter (and Bard)
Converted: Invoker (And apostle)
Poacher (and Versifier)

P-Edit: Split personalities added


Name: Andrew Sorben
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Role: Cult Leader (Former Observer)
Personality: Seemingly nice to everyone , even his cult friends. That’s not all there is to it.
“Hey. Andrew Sorben! Observer and Warden!” Hail Mithras.


Name: ???
Age: Since the beginning of time.
Appearance: Hooded Slender man with fiery red hair. Few have lived to see his face or hear his name.
Class: Demon.


Name: Iskandar Asturias
Age: 36
Gender: Male

Class: Noble


Name: Serena
Age: 15
Gender: F
Appearance: A girl with dark brown hair who wears glasses. Often walks around wearing a lab coat because she is usually the one who heals poisons in this kingdom. Without her lab coat, she usually wears a light blue shirt and trousers.
Personality: The opposite of Nycolas. But is nice (oh wait Nycolas is a dick). Hates her job
Role: Physician

(2nd character iiidiots)


Name: Spy
Age: ???
Gender: M

Role: Mercenary, contract to andrew


(Pss there is already one)




(And why is everyone wearing modern clothing?)


(Again, why is everyone wearing modern clothing in Medieval times?)


Get your pesky little small talk out of my thread @PolikShadowbliss @Boss110

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Name: Falone Adiart.
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Role: Prince (Former), King (Current)
Appearance: COMING SOON.


Appearance:Wears a dark cloak always with some purple looking royal robes hidden beneath it and has a bit of long black hair.
Role: Mastermind (If I can use it)


Please don’t reject this.


Am I accepted?


Name:Cheary(Che for short)
Gender: F
Appearance:Seems very young blond hair, blue eyes with a scar over one
her body seems to shift to a black haired and browned eyed older woman sometimes.
Role: Electro