The Templar [Unseen Offensive]

To preface this, I wanted to make this class as a base point for a possible Unseen Paladin convert. Right now, if you spawn as Sheriff/Paladin, you know exactly what the game’s evil is. Anyone who claims the other investigative is instantly outed as evil (EZR fool win, scorned loss, etc).
Letting both investigatives spawn together will, naturally, relieve this problem but create others, such as a maximum of 6 faction hardcounters. My solution for that is to just have a maximum of 3 of any faction hardcounters that spawn.

In any case, this is the Templar

The Templar

Unseen Offensive
Zealous Pursuit (Passive) - You are tailored to one random investigative that targets you. You lose this passive if your class changes.
Private Preaching (Day) - Target player’s day abilities will fail for the rest of the day, and will not resolve. 3 uses
Deep Cleanse (Night) - Occupy target player, bypassing immunity. They will appear tailored. Infinite uses
Heretic (Night) - Occupy and attack target player. 1 use
Defeat the Blue Dragon, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm

gonna treat this like it’s for ToL but i feel like this isn’t exclusively a ToL suggestion

both of these hardconfirm the existence of exactly a templar

which isn’t explicitly a bad thing but may be unappealing in practice

also, occupies on a non occupy immune class can be funky

timesnatcher giving unseen an additional kill is single handedly enough to make them a high tier convert

this + occupations bypassing immunity + a self tailor = probably too strong

Would it be better if Deep cleanse healed the target?

Instead of occupying? so an Unseen heal + tailor?

Interesting but does the unseen need a healing class, but using this as a tailor (similar to brotherhood on ritualist) could be good

less of a templar autoconfirm too

No, instead of a tailor it gets a heal.


when would this be useful and, if it still bypasses occ immunity, not be a dead giveaway

Well that’s why we should have less feedback in ToL. Less confirmablility.

i don’t entirely disagree

but as it stands, probably not the right thread to discuss the confirmability in ToL :wink:

Deep cleanse could be used on fellow Unseen members, like when a sorcerer blows up the MM or someone attacks the Assassin.

on MM, sure, occing them isn’t a big deal

sacrificing a nightkill to potentially save your assassin has questionable risk/reward when opening up convert slots isn’t inherently bad for the unseen

If the MM/Assassin both has apprentice, then it is worth it to save the assassin from dying.

eh, that’s a fair argument

what about that other night ability

giving converts just a free kill is kind of good

especially when it occupies so it hardcounters hunter

Hunter is the only thing that it hardcounters, but it only has a chance to do it.
And it can be countered by the hunter being healed, delayed, jailed, Templar being occd, etc.

pretty unlikely unless they’re bleeding

hunter being jailed isnt super likely, templar being jailed maybe

this doesnt change the fact it hard counters hunter

it just isnt a “you die” button

Like, it’s the only hardcounter that the Unseen has to the hunter.
Most other faction has a way around it
Poss’s target dies
Sorc blows them up
Reaper just loses a soul
Cult doesn’t really have a way to combat it, but whatever

the NKs can all counter hunter

cultseen can both counter hunter with the right converts in combination with a kill (CL + Invoker / Assassin + Servant)

both of these require a specific convert, while here it’s just Templar doing it alone while the Assassin does their own thing

templar having occupations is fine but a convert with killing power is bad imo

That’s why it’s a 1 use thing.

there is a single convert that gives a potential extra kill (Timesnatcher) and that convert is often considered overpowered

not only for the kill increase, cause TS has a lot going for her

but so does this templar

But there are also ways to counter TS.

Such as healing/delaying the target.

im not talking about time snatch

im talking about rewind giving another charge of 2 for 1