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The Starseer / The Stargazer (BD Investigative/Unseen Investigative)


The Starseer (BD Investigative)


Starstruck: You cannot be made immune to convertion in any way.

Day Abilities

The stars are right (2 uses): You will always get correct results

Night Abilities

Search the stars (Inf use): Select 3 players. You will know what their class types are. (Example feedback would be: "They are [Type1], [Type2], and [Type3]

The Stargazer (Unseen Investigative)


Starpower: You are immune to occupation and redirection

Day abilities


Night Abilities

Stargaze (Inf use): Choose 2 players and find out what their class types are (Example Feedback: [Player1] is [Type1] and [Player2] is [Type2])

Star Map (2 uses): Reveal exactly what someone is to the Unseen.


The Starseer is a unique class so by default The Stargazer is also unique.

I think not being able to be framed is a little OP so I want your opinions on it.


I would make it pick whether it always hits is target (like using stars for navigation) or whether it will be immune to framers but can be redirected (like how you thought you were looking at one constellation but you picked the wrong one but the data given is right)

I do think both is a little OP


A little OP for an investigative like this.

What happens if you are attempted to be made immune, etc Swear Fealty?

Pretty powerful. The even day reminds me of Maid. I’d just make the odd night the perm ability.

Unneeded for an investigative.

Same problem. One or the other, not both.

So all Unseen see this? What about frames?

What happens if converted to Cult?
What claims would you have as Stargazer?
Is this Balanced?


Yes, it is. I wanted people’s opinion on it

Swear Fealty was removed, but even if it wasn’t you would receive the regular feedback of attempting to make someone conversion immune. (I.E. You would not know)


How about this instead:

Starpower: While you are alive and not occupied/jailed, the other unseen members will be guaranteed to visit their targets.

Odd nights, then.

All of the Unseen (except the king, if they are evil) that are currently alive will see it. Only BD classes are able to get framed.

You become the Seeker. Tough luck to you.

I would assume you would continue to claim The Starseer as no one can constest you on that claim.

Hell no. That’s why I posted it. To work out all of the kinks and whatnot.


I’d suggest nerfing it, because framing is already weak as it is.

You’re right, SF was removed, just forgot. Seems fair. I see no problem with this, although others will.

for my next wish…

That changes things from, ‘you’re immune,’ to ‘others are immune.’ Im guessing redirecting would still succeed?


I personally think it’s reasonably balanced, maybe overpowered, but that’s just my opinion.
@Geyde what do you think?


How to nerf it?

Yes, redirection would succeed.

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How about this; instead of being a passive, it’s a day ability? It could pass on to convert er class too


Day Abilities

The Stars are Right (2 uses): You will receive correct results tonight.


That’s perfect.