The Spy/Stalker

On phone. So shush.

The Spy (BD social)
(P1) Away - ORI (occupation and redirection immune) will not give a result to investigatives if “Unseen ears” has been used

(N1) Private Matters - Select Two targets. For the next day whispers can not be seen by the public to and from target. (2 uses)

(N2) Listen In - See target players feedback (gossip rules)

(D1) Unseen ears - Listen in to the unseen or the cult tonight. Their messages will show as “Evil” (2 uses)

The Stalker - Unseen Social

(P1) Desertion - Investigatives will not get a result if investigated. Can be investigated if occupied. (no longer ORI)

(N1) Decieve - See targets feedback but they will see different results. You will see the true results (Same rules as gossip)

(N2) Unseen Matters - The next day the unseen can see each other’s whispers without the public knowing. (This includes evil king. 2 uses)

Look over your class and tell me if you can find anything wrong with it


No Tos spy is poop

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…Just gonna mechanically confirm the king, huh? Greaaat.

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I give this idea -1/10

Okay but jokes aside

ToS Spy is not fun

Please no

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Even BMG were aware of this which is why the Spy was nerfed to the ground.

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Even if we ignore the issues with listening in on Cultseen chat, the second night ability is essentially ‘automatically confirm target player’s class.’

I didn’t get that far because it’s somehow less gamebreaking

It’s an Old Spy/Nerfed noble.


That’s the problem

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Orange where is your spy video

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I checked the ToS forums while I was looking for that video. Apparently ToS hasn’t updated in a very long time.

Ded gam.

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It’s almost literally been two years

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It’s been two years, two months

That flew by

Point being they haven’t been doing shit.

ToL on the otherhand…

Also not many balance changes since February iirc

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