The specter(neutral killer)(unique)


Clone self:if got jailed by prince,it won’t close all ability and specter can still use them.But if prince wants to execute(the original),Specter will die.

Invisible:When attacked,the attacker will get occupied no matter if they get occupy immune.(expect hunter+Prince)

Day ability:

(Marked)player is specter’s thing I think.

Speechless:unlimited uses.Target a marked player,open a new chat box and will talk by that player.It also silence (makes him doesn’t talk for a day)and block off his vote.Will also disable his mark permanently.

Hidden claw:Unlimited uses.Target one marked player.he will get silenced,bleed and trollboxed.(edit:need mark but doesn’t disable it)

Night ability:

Ghostly touch:Touches two player,leaving them marked.

Spell:when 5 or above player are marked,can use this to target two player and attack them,unlimited use.Bypass death immunity,healing and knight guard.

Some are edited lol

Even this is shit thing,I still have

This is actually not good,I think.Way too bad as nk lol.But I still wanted to post it,enjoy roasting this!


So Prince occupy immunity.

So how can Prince kill you lol?

Trollbox basically.

The only advantage of this above Speechless is bleed.

That’s fast.

So first use is n4.