The Silent (Neutral Killer cuz I'm board)

The Silent :shield:

Neutral Killer
Medicine(Passive) - If you would die at night then you will heal yourself
Restock (Passive) - At the start of each night gain a shiv. Your shivs cannot be redirected
Venom (Day) - Anyone who survives a shiv tonight will be poisoned at the start of the next day and will die the next night bypassing death immunity - 1 use
Shiv (Night) - Kill all targets. You may target as many players as you have shivs and consume 1 shiv per target successfully killed. Does not count as visiting - 0 uses
Sabotage (Night) - Occupy target player for 2 nights - 3 uses
Your objective is to defeat the Blue Dragon, Unseen, Cult and any neutrals that dare stand in your way


  • Since Shivs don’t count as visiting, Knight’s will be unable to kill the Silent through defend, but will stop the attack. They will be told they killed someone much like with a reaper and this CAN Kill the knight. In the event a Knight is killed this way a use of Shiv is consumed. This interaction should be identical to the Psycho Kings guard interaction.
  • Healed/Delayed players do not consume shivs. I shouldn’t have to specify that and it’s dumb that it’s not obvious that a healed player wasn’t killed but there you go.
  • If a Delayed player dies to the delayed kill a shiv will not be consumed
  • Venom works just like if a Butler poisoned the King immediately at the start of the day. The players will not be informed and this is not effected by bleed immunity. If they are healed they will survive and receive a unique feedback.
  • Sabotage does not give feedback about the target being immune and will still occupy them twice even if they are.
  • An Empowered Killer can kill the Silent, as can Enforcer Frenzy.
  • In general shiv interactions should be identical to Psycho King guards.

Now do Ironclad and Defect.

I already did those.

Technically this is a cross between a 2 different NK idea’s I’ve had in the past, one of which I also called the silent.

Both of which were designed for FoL which this one isn’t.

ISO me in this thread. I made a bunch of NK suggestions.

“The Ninja” and “The Silent” where the ones I combined here.

Immediately under the silent is an Ironclad and Defect. Complete with ability’s that reference cards and everything.

While I like the idea, isn’t this Sorcerer v1.5?


It has a KPN of 1, doesn’t involve setup and has a completely different primary kill method.

The difference between this and other NK is that it’s KPN is always exactly 1 no matter what. Missing a Kill will not reduce this classes KPN.

What is KPN?

Kills per night

Sorcerer has a KPN of 2-1per detonation.

In otherwords she misses a Kill every time she detonates but otherwise has a continuous KPN of 2