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The Siege on Xed 4.0 Thread (WIP)


:eyes: shit I’ve been found out


but seriously.

I rerolled and lost the rolls before this one.
Captain did roll captain in this one.


@Geyde opinions on the captain namechanges from Good and Evil?

I used Sinister from Marl’s King namechange.

He also used Righteous for Good but I felt as though it’s not fitting for Green Kraken


as Green Kraken aren’t entirely good.

(same with Blue Dragon but whatever)


GC -> Loyal Captain (Fits better)
EC -> Corrupt Captain (might intercede with cc, which is bad)


I don’t want cc to interfere


I just made it Nefarious Captain for now.


Seems good


CT is ridiculously good at finding NK/Assassin while also never screwing with any other player in those games. It’s fakeable, but the effect is extremely strong in those games.

However, it is absolutely horrible against Cult, and ESPECIALLY Navy. Thinking a few changes are in order to make it better against other scum factions. It suffers from polarization depending on the scum faction to an extreme degree.

On another tangent, it should be either support or offensive. The mechanics scream it.


I want to keep it as a killer tho.

we already have enough offensives


/fucking stop




Yes because SFoL games are way too over saturated with “v4” and "v2"s, instead of rehashing a SFoL that has already been made, how about creating a entirely different one? Oh yeah that’s right, people don’t like to try new things and that when you come out with a SFoL that you spent 3 months making, no one ends up joining and it ends up getting canned


maybe I want to refine a sfol that has been shit for the past like 2 games?


I mean I’m sorta disappointed that you’re just blaming it on Xed.


ever thought that it’s maybe because your gamemode might be trash instead of blaming another gamemode that literally is memed upon in the community

Casino was a confusing game Braix.


Blaming other SFoLs for having nobody join your SFoL is fucking dumb.

I might’ve liked Casino.
But it was also hosted at an incredibly busy time.
Don’t go and blame other SFoLs that did nothing to contribute other than be on at the same time.

You honestly lost some respect of mine for complaining about something so stupid just because your SFoL was canned from idk. Months ago.


he’s probably just mad

he literally spent 3 months he said


Was infection good firekitten?


Honestly. I like the idea of the gamemode but I feel like the NK was busted.

yes I’m firekitten now