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The Siege on Xed 4.0 Thread (WIP)



Evil benefits Unseen by having a kill and stopping plunders.
Devout can confirm self to Cult and occupy players (if used smartly, this could even allow Cult to fakeclaim efficiently. Also it can stop players from important abilities in general.)

Now Admiral Captain.
I have been thinking one of two things.

Allies with a Plunder Giver at the start of the next night. OR just a plunder giver to a random Navy member.

I’d rather the first one because as we all know.

“rng man bad”


The Allies would only give the plunder if it finds a member of the Navy.

Frames don’t affect the ability.


Why start of next night?

So then AC is at least unconfirmable.


Seems good.


Alternatively it could just give you an additional use of the day plunder give when finding Navy

That would make it less confirmable


Geyde. I want you to answer this for me.


Should this only be available to starting Captain?


I feel the game would be too chaotic if not.

But it’d also be incredibly swingy if it is.



All Captains


should I make it unusable if it’s a low amount of players tho?


It’s a fair ability imo no matter the player count


It only really benefits Good Captain with a low player count.


Then why should it be disabled for the others?


Well actually no.

It benefits Evil/Devout/Admiral if there’s a low amount of buddies


I wanted to keep it consistent.


but yeah it’s fair.


It’s a RP in fringe scenarios.


Give Marg starting GC so they can gladiate First Mate d2

For memes


Also /prein


Captain rolled Captain last game.


Are you sure you didn’t rig it?