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The Siege on Xed 4.0 Thread (WIP)


Inquisitor has already everything he needs to deal with Heathens, despite yes it would seem pointless but at same it isn’t like this is going to be easy to get plunder as not being confirmed by any means as “not” Evil.


I know but still.


A frame that lasts until the end of the game? Could that work?


agreed but it just ain’t spirited toward the class.

only impatient players would benefit from it


that used to be it but I personally would prefer not sit there and wait for invests


oh I got one.

Trollbox (Plunder) - Target Investigative player will be redirected to you and your results will be changed to match the Assassin, Cult Leader or Commander. This ability use is recharged if you dont target an Investigative.


could make fool a mastermind finder so maybe not the last part.


I have a terrible idea.


btw I’m going to go to bed now. so night everyone.


I only need sellsword and warlock plunder abils.


Sellsword plunder: All non scum actions will fail tonight


might be a tiny bit too strong but ehh I guess it’s fine.


why did I not name it fanatic?

I feel as though Sellsword is a fitting name unlike the fol team.

Sellswords WOULD risk their life to gain the money. Especially if it were a large amount of money.

Also fanatic seems way too culty.


Sellsword plunder: guarantee all conversions/attacks will go through


Contact (Plunder) - You will be added to the scum chat.

Scrying (Plunder) - Make all members of the scum faction appear as Green Kraken to faction checks tonight. They will also gain a use in every limited ability.


Warlock’s is cool but I dislike Sellsword’s one


Let’s see… Sellsword tend to disrupt enemy plans with occupation and prevention so how about this.

Toll Blockage (Plunder) - Prevent all Green Kraken from visiting your target. Occupy player bypassing through their immunities.


That is literally the same as normal stonewall just add an occupy


You’re forgetting that’s the purpose of the Sellsword.
Basic? Yes
Bad because of that? Not really.

Almost same as Stonewall.


Literally just prevent all Green Kraken night abilities for the night, easy.