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The Siege on Xed 4.0 Thread (WIP)


Given alch has two “win conditions” (ways to achieve their wincon, either by predicting the kill or by healing a player), would giving them another way to win by manner of plunder be ok?

Mad Science (Plunder) - Gain a use in a potion of your choice.






well the potion regen only happens when the player is attacked


You cannot get the extra potion from healing poison


plunder just feels sorta easier and itll probs end in alch begging Cap or PO to give abil


also I gotta add cowardly captain to thread.

I think


Probably, but I’m not sure it’ll be easier (as in Cap/PO probably won’t give a neut it)


It’s in the Merc card (Also it says Cowardly King, so yeah)


even if the alch is “confirmed”

it’s an easy fakeclaim for everyone so yeah


and alch is crowned to coward



Masochism (Plunder) - If you die tonight, you will win. Your attacker will die.


But seriously I don’t know what Fool should get for a plunder. Maybe a constant frame effect, maybe works with visits and such?



Heathen Sense (Plunder) - You will learn the idenities of all “Heathen”.


Tainted Leadership (Plunder) - If you target player with “Natural Leader” passive with your abilities, you will disable this passive for rest of the game.

How is that sound?


okay that ruins the entire point of the class. plus I like the current one better



but I’ll take the name of the plunder abil from inquis


and I might make the current a 2 target abil


I’m all in on the Masochist Fool plunder




it’s fun as fool but its just mean as fuck and ain’t fun to play against


I meant for one night only.

The night you use the plunder you have to die.