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The Siege on Xed 4.0 Thread (WIP)


The Puppet Master :shield:

Neutral Killer
Behind the Curtain (Passive) - You are immune to occupation, redirection and death.
Master’s Command (Passive) - You and your puppet will have a separate chat. If you or the Puppet dies, the chat will cease to exist.
Stage Directions (Day) - Find out who a selected player visited and who visited them last night. - 2 uses
Attach (Night) - Convert a player into the Puppet. You can only have one puppet at a time. - Infinite uses
The Show Must Go On (Night) - Kill a player without the use of a Puppet. The attack will bypass death immunity. - 3 uses
Understudy (Plunder | Night) - Select a convertible player. When the previous Puppet dies, they will immediately become the new Puppet. If you pick a player that cannot be converted, you will be notified and the use of this ability will be refunded. - 1 use
Your objective is to defeat all the main factions and any neutrals that stand in your way.

The Puppet :shield:

Neutral Special
Loyalty (Passive) - You are immune to occupation and redirection. If the Puppet Master dies, you will die as well.
Master’s Command (Passive) - You and your master will have a separate chat. If you or the Puppet Master dies, the chat will cease to exist.
Deadly Strings (Night) - Attack a player. - Infinite uses
Master Above All (Night) - Prevent all visits towards the Puppet Master. - 3 uses
Final Act (Plunder | Night) - Anyone that targets the Puppet Master tonight will be prevented and attacked. - 1 use
Ensure the Puppet Master completes their objective.

Any comments on the plunder abilities?


Looking for plunder abilities for:

  • Alchemist

  • Devil (I always could copy Scorned’s plunder abil but ehhh that is boring.

  • Fool

  • Inquisitor (I asked Moleland to do this one. He said to make a heathen checker that kills heathen if found, I’m just checking if someone has a more unique one.)

  • Lich

  • Mercenary

  • Pretender (same as inquis but Mole hasn’t responded for this one)

  • Sellsword

  • Sorcerer (yes I’m adding Sorcerer)

  • Warlock


Plunders were simplified from SoX 2.0.

All plunders happen at night as of 3.0.

I did this to minimise confusion with classcards


Bites the Dust (Plunder) - Place a Walking Bomb on a player. CAN target the king. If you would be executed during the next day, detonate all walking bombs, bypassing all forms of protection.

5 players alive.
King and Brongo are bombed. You add a bomb to Jimmy.
King and Tim vote you.
King, Jimmy, and Brongo die. You win, as Tim cannot cause your execution since they lack the votes.


do you enjoy my jojo reference?




btw trials are going to be removed so yeah itll need a little rework


Assault (Plunder) - Prevent and kill all visitors to your contract. You will be immune to death for the night.


merc is already convert immune



Why do I never sleep


also it collides with this abil name


It’s surprisingly difficult to come up with names

Threw out another


How about the polar opposite of that?

Manipulation (Plunder) - ALL players will be framed for the night.


huh… that’s rather… interesting and crazy




Except scum will be tailored


What is plunder


only issue with devil plunder is that you gotta use it when there isnt much invests


cause if ya have like 20 invests claiming redchecks.


Is it like ultimate?