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The Siege on Xed 4.0 Thread (WIP)


Add me if you want Cancer And spice to it




Royal navy?


Dm whenever you’re ready whistles


Neutral Killer

The Curse (Passive) - Immune to death, occupation, redirection, and bleeding. You will appear as a member of the Green Kraken to faction checks while you do not have a Crewmate.
You’d best believe in Ghost Stories (Passive) - You will have a private chat with your Crewmate, and all past ones. You will have access to a factional night kill that takes up a player’s action for the night. If you die, your crewmate also dies.

The Black Pearl (Day) - Prevent all visits toward yourself for the night. You will also learn the class types of players who attempt to visit you, and if they can be converted.

Recruit (Night) - Convert a player into a Crewmate. You can only have one at a time. (Infinite Uses)
Mutiny (Night) - Kill your Crewmate and two other players, bypassing all forms of protection. (1 Use)

Sacrificial Ploy (Plunder | Passive) - If you were to be executed, instead your Crewmate dies. Your visits will also be hidden from all forms of detection.

Destroy both the major factions and any neutrals that may stand in your way.

Neutral Special

Dead Men Walking (Passive) - You will have a private chat with Barbossa. If they die, you will die as well. You will have access to a factional night kill that either player can use instead of their normal night action.

You retain your abilities and passives you had before conversion!

Ensure that Barbossa is victorious!

Second Draft; fixed flavor.


Problem is it has no kill power


It can kill once

Oh wait I can’t read





lockermaster is davy jones so that’s a collide with an existing NK.


chants Mind Flayer Mind Flayer



I’ll scrap it and work on something else.


@Pug are you gonna DM or not smh :triumph:


im editing the green kraken section and adding in everything.


But I wanna work on navy


@Pug undelete the navy filler post at least


Would this work if I were to edit the flavor to make it more distinct?


Reworked flavor on the original suggestion, but it might need some tweeking.


Your project is kinda awesome, really



Your official co-host assistance is on the way!


Yes, let me go and add it :3