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The Siege on Xed 4.0 Thread (WIP)


I mean. I feel it’s a little too complex to be in FoL imo.

I’d love it but it’s really advanced as a NK


Add to Xed


Idea forming…

Class name: Captain Barbossa. I’m feeling like referencing some Pirates of the Caribbean.

I need some ideas for key concepts.


I want to see NK with conversion
Btw you could just have NK slot And whoever rolls it can choose NK they want to play


The Puppet Master :shield: :crossed_swords:

Neutral Killer
Behind the Curtain (Passive) - You are immune to occupation, redirection and death.
Master’s Command (Passive) - You and your puppet will have a separate chat. If you or the Puppet dies, the chat will cease to exist.
Stage Directions (Day) - Find out who a selected player visited and who visited them last night. [4 Uses]
Attach (Night) - Convert a player into the Puppet. You can only have one puppet at a time. [Infinite Uses]
The Show Must Go On (Night) - Kill a player without the use of a Puppet. The attack will bypass death immunity. [3 Uses]
Goal: Destroy both the major factions and any neutrals who may stand in your way.


The Puppet

Neutral Special
Loyalty (Passive) - You are immune to occupation and redirection. If the Puppet Master dies, you will die as well.
Master’s Command (Passive) - You and your master will have a separate chat. If you or the Puppet Master dies, the chat will cease to exist.
Deadly Strings (Night) - Attack a player. [Infinite Uses]
Master Above All (Night) - Prevent all visits towards the Puppet Master. [3 Uses]
Goal: Ensure the Puppet Master wins the game.


Not Pirate flavored.

I’ll change that.


I’m probably just going to remove the Navy. Well it was fun while it lasted but I honestly don’t know how I’d make another scum faction for Xed.

Without making it halfassed that is.


I’ll help!


Plz I want navy


We need halfassed factions


I mean if someone else could make it for me I’d appreciate it.

We may talk on Discord if you want to talk about the Navy.


If you think faction is UP just remove limit cap And conversion cooldown


I have no discord, only discourse


then get it.




PM me on here bitch


Okay. I’m just at a state where I can’t bring myself to do the Navy.


aight that works too.


Lel I’ll make it