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The Siege on Xed 4.0 Thread (WIP)


Mind flayer has been nerfed :joy:

my poor baby


Why don’t you rehost casino now? Its way less busy


:+1: besides arguing with max


I stg Max always says in class cards ‘oh luxy moderrored’ when I did nothing wrong


Maxi is Braix 2.0 convince me otherwise


except maybe with also added pug


Who is maxi?




It’s the salt.
(hypocritical coming from me considering I was banned for being way too salty)


Changing Alch’s classtype to Support. it’s more support than special


@Geyde kill/convert?

also I could change the prevention to something a little… spicier?

a. kill/convert
b. if a target attacks, kill them and if the target attacks the other target. bypass attack
c. both

d. include another thing to screw over possible GK

I am keeping this as a Killer however.
The Support class is going to be different.


a. and d.


ideas for another thing?


@Geyde any ideas on what to do with d?


Jack Of All Trades is special but okay.


it’s not really a joat anymore.

it has a heal. (support for bd)
an invest hide (support for scum)
and an occupy (offensive)

2/3 of these are support


also cult abil uses nerfed


ultra bump