The Sensei (neutral support)

The Sensei

Neutral Support

Wisdom behond years (Passive) - If an ability of you or your student fails for any reason and it has limited uses it’s charge is not expanded.
Devoted Teacher (Passive) If all your students are dead and you do not choose a new one within 2 days you commit suicide at the end of the night. You will start with a random non-unique killer of offensive class as student.

Select Student (Day) - Target a player he will become your student. Will fail if the target is a unqiue class - 1 use
Bitter Medicine (Day) - Target a player you will cure them if they are bleeding or if they are poisoned but they will be unable to use there day ability today -2 uses

Sparring Match (Night) Target a player you will occupy them tonight. If you target your student all ability’s targeting him will be rederected to you and they will regain a charge of there abilities with limited - 3 uses
Fierce Training (Night) Target a player they will begin to bleed and will die in two days additionaly they will prevent the first attack agaisnt themselfs.

Goal: Have atleast one of your students survive at the end of the game

great class would add to the game right away


yeah hit the post button to soon old friend i am still edting
btw how do you get acces to the righ format again it has been a while so i forgot

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  • Format, just select and copy and it should auto-copy the code as well.

thx bud

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Wisdom behond years.

fixed it bud i was in the begining of the writing when i accidently hit send but this should be decent enough aldo it might need some edeting

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Current changes for the Class just incase its balance is not quite right

Remove occupy on student with sparring match
Remove the extra charge giving on Sparring match but give it unlimted uses or add a downside on using it against a non student target
remove protect on sparring match on student
reduce charges of choose student
change wincon do have the student also win

suggestion and tips are always welcome

1 use tho. And doesn’t look like you’re starting with a student so…

Also there != their.

Changed it so you do start with one was intended from the beginning but forgot it in my haste. It targets a offensive or killer class for more fantasy/lore based reasons but that can be changed