The Royal Twins (Unknown Special)

The Royal twins, raised from birth in the Castle of Adiart, wish for the other to stay alive, but it is rumored that one of them supports the Unseen, while the other remains Neutral. No one can be sure who they support. It is known that if one were to die, the other would commit suicide for losing the one they cared for the most.

The Royal Twin (Unknown Special)

Goal: Defeat anyone that intends to do you harm

Royal Blood: During the election for a new King, votes for you count twice. You will keep this passive even if your class changes.

Together Forever: You and your twin have your own night chat. If one of you dies, the other dies too.

(Psycho Twin only, replaces Together Forever) Family Shield: Death immune. You and your twin have your own night chat. If your twin dies, you gain 1 use of Rampage.

Day Abilities:
Royal Twin (2 uses): Your vote in a trial will count twice, and your twin will be unable to vote.

Bribe (3 uses): Make yourself and your twin Death Immune tonight.

(Psycho Twin only, Replaces Bribe) Rampage (0 use): Kill anyone that visited your twin the night they died, bypassing death immunity.

Night Abilities:
Brotherhood (2 uses): You and your twin will appear to be Blue Dragon for tonight.

Bloodspill (1 use/inf use): Attack someone. If you would die to the attack, you will not attack them.


There will always either be 2 twins or no twins.
They will take up the Neutral slots, regardless of what team they are on.
If one twin is Evil but the other is Good in a Blue Dragon win, the Evil twin will also win if they are alive.

Possible types of twins:

Good Twin (59%)

Unseen Twin (30%)

Cult Twin (30%)

Neutral Twin (10%)

Psycho Twin (1%)

If the psycho twin spawns, they will have infinite uses of Bloodspill and take up the Neutral Killer slot instead.

Intresting idea but my main issue it’s very swingy and unbalanced, but I really like the idea.

Kinda Support

How would you make it more balanced?
How would you make it less swingy?
How would you make it more “Special”?

By support I mean support the idea itself.

The idea of it is good the only issue I have would be spawning problems aka two bd spawning in the neutral slots or two evils spawning it would make it very unbalanced.

My suggestion is if it spawns as Bd it should count as Bd and that it can only spawn with one max evil twin.

I’d up the neutral factor a little bit (around 20%)

The main balancing issue is the spawning
We already have a random king chance now imagine two classes that also have random faction chance it becomes a game of too much luck.

Ok, so the BD Twin takes up a BD slot, Evil Twins take up a max of 1 evil slot (other would be the leader)

Possible types of twins:

Good Twin (50%)

Unseen Twin (30%)

Cult Twin (30%)

Neutral Twin (19%)

Psycho Twin (1%)


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My idea is probably not perfect but I do like the idea of the class a lot

do i see some mason classes

wait fuck i can’t read dates