The Revenant, revised [Neutral Killer]

The Revenant

Neutral Killer
Ethereal Bond (Passive) - Immune to all forms of dying (except lynching) occupation, and target changing while you are soulbound. All attacks on you will succeed while not soulbound.
Bind (Passive) - During the first day, you may choose a player to soulbind yourself with. If none is chosen by night, it will be randomized.
Soul Trade (Day) - At the end of the night, you will kill your current soulbind, bypassing everything. Your use of Haunt will be guaranteed to kill your target. - Inf use
Binded Shield (Day) - Make your soulbind Death immune tonight. If anyone attacks your soulbind tonight, you will attack one of them at random instead.
Haunt (Night) - Attack a player. If you have already used Haunt unsuccessfully on them before, this bypasses Death Immunity. - Inf use
Re-Bind (Night) - Soulbind yourself with target player. - 2 uses, only without soulbind
Your objective is to defeat the Blue Dragon, Unseen, Cult and any neutrals that dare stand in your way.

Definite improvements:
Revenant can no longer slank, as they are not immune to lynches. Equally, if they (or their soulbind) are visited, it will be known that a Revenant exists, and that they might be the Revenant.
Revenant will die to everything while they aren’t soulbound, even if they are unable to be visited.
Has a way to defend it’s soulbind, if it thinks they will die

PoEing NK to 2 slots… they should not be revealed to everyone visiting them. A lot of slots are visited each night.

How about Investigatives? Or should only the soulbind give this feedback (again, to investigatives)?

Has the unique design flaw to not want healers on them you mean…

So strike that out then?

Flashbacks intensify

It’s weaker than all other NKs KP wise and has no occupy redirection immunity either.

So, give it occupation redirect immunity, more KP, and strike out the feedback given?

Investigatives shouldn’t be able to find a NK unequivocally either imo.

Is that better?

There isn’t much of a point into having a soulbind, because you can just lynch the revenant. It’s a spin on the classic death immunity on which basically the entire class is build.

It can increase the KPN to more than 1, but at the cost of potentially dying.

That’s just making it very swingy.

It needs an endgame mechanic to win in final 3, not a consistent doublekill by losing your death immunity.

Well, barring infinite re-binds, maybe it can kill it’s bind to become lynch-immune the next day via day ability?

I’m only mildly critical

Lynch immunity is a really antifun mechanic.

You’re right… a daykill instead of a night kill? Although that would be troublesome, as daykilling is… unorthodox.

It also outs that there is a Revenant.

I don’t want to make it susceptible to Prince’s Execute instead of a lynch, as if the Prince dies, it’s essentially a Rev win.