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The Return of the Triple Threat SFoL Class Cards + Info


Yea, let’s use the simmer ideas in crafting cuz fuck the creativity.


how about guaranteed phys and guaranteed CW


and removing Sac Knife means more space for night ability choices


Unbalanced Setup is unbalanced


This is gonna be such a meme to play


No shit


Update. King cannot be converted and will lose the one shot immunity to attacks because knights.

Knight is also receiving not shit cult alts


Oh come on, allow the king to be converted for the love of god


If King could be converted, it would be a mess, Prince, Pally, and Sheriff all being convertable are huge buffs for scum


I just want this game to be the meme-est shitshow ever tbh lol

I don’t want to roll king in it and be stuck good all game


then you do you.

I want to attempt to make something a shitshow while being balanced


if it’s too memey it might not get past…

The Council

(Dun Dun Duuuuuun)


plays dramatic chord badly


Oh the horror!


ici I borrowed your chronomancer idea for my FoL is that ok

I will give credit


as long as chronomancer doesn’t replace phys in ToL, we good


It isn’t dw






Chronomancer is cool so long as it’s ALONGSIDE phys rather than replacing it