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The Return of the Triple Threat SFoL Class Cards + Info


I’m not too sure about Prince and King being convertable, I think Sheriff and Pally being like that is fine though


No? The fact they can be convertible, yes that’s a buff a scum so what?

What means nothing? Converting King who just made a backup Prince? Also implying King isn’t at same position as Mystic.

“They can be converted” isn’t an argument. It won’t be like any of them is going to be converted N1. Besides fuck Town either way. /shrug


Talking about King I think I might know why… Triple Threat II flashbacks



exactly why


and Prince being convertable means it’ll be hard to keep a claim as Prince after being converted


Ok so i have a proposal. Debuff sheriff and paladin a lot and their convertable classes but make them non unique


Actually not. I believe it’s based on series “The Return Of (Insert Evil Faction)”.


ohhhh I see


Besides Cult cuz he still in queue.


I dislike the changes along with acolyte having a cult kill. It just buffs cult too much


I said my piece this is a majorly scum sided set up and BD will lose very badly. Look at the last triple threat, the BD barely drew the game and now that these changes are developed the BD will lose badly


The barely end up with draw cuz they played badly. Kek


Which one?


What if that one is learn the class of all Unseen players who visit them


Guaranteed CW is needed to stop converts


But the word you hate rng lol


Also Cleanse is a 1 day cooldown now


Remove what from Acolyte?

Having 2 kills for Cult makes them easily the best convert so I’m willing to remove one of these from the acolyte.

Especially in this gamemode

  • Spirit of Mithras
  • Sacrificial Knife

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You shouldn’t be using RNG when there are so many ways to avoid it


I don’t mind having a class that have 1-shot Vig.
Curse of Mithras is usually a waste.
If anyone didn’t healed you from bleeding then most likely you’re going to be dead either way.