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The Return of the Triple Threat SFoL Class Cards + Info


oh I just realized

that game, BD had no invests other than the Sheriff/Paladin


We had a Princess.


oh shoot

sorry Poke


You mean MM?


I didn’t scumread Poke as that, but I died before day 4, so what can you do.


Honestly though you have to feel bad for luxy.


I really don’t. He showed no town motivation. (when I was still alive)


he literally has guarded all BD and failed to keep them alive, guarded a cult, fell victim to htms bait.


I thought you were referencing my push on him. Yeah, it’s unfortunate it turned out like that, but at least we didn’t lose. :smiley:


You did lose though because you didn’t win.
The only winner is mole


Ummm I dislike the changes, you basically buffed the unseen and majorly debuffed the Blue Dragon.


I feel like this game is not balanced anymore for the blue dragon and i feel this is a majorly scum sided set up. It is basically a battle between Unseen and Cult


I see BD have had 0 buffs



Starting good king, also how about to point out which changes you think are harmful?


Ahem they could be converted that means nothing tbh


Sheriff with 2 checks.
Sheriff/Paladin/Prince can have a backup.

You forgot GK has confirmable ability. Lel


Sheriff, Paladin and Prince are all convertable. thus decreasing the confirmed classes in this game and debuffing the bd


But if GK is converted it all means nothing!


The imbalance in scums favor is huge! A converted sheriff, paladin, or prince is major for the scum factions


The kidnapper basically gets a knights frenzy with his jail and execute